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The news for Tuesday 26 September 2023

Koyo – ‘Would You Miss It?’

Old punks turn into country singers as they age, but those in the hardcore scene? They regenerate like Time Lords, constantly reinventing and growing more youthful with each album. Koyo might only be three years old as a band, but its formed of luminaries from Typecaste and SeeYouSpaceCowboy. Their →

LIVE: Burn it Down Festival, Torquay

Now in its fifth year, Burn it Down Festival has evolved from its tentative beginnings into a well-organised two-day event, boasting a diverse line-up of up-and-coming rock and metal acts across its multi-venue harbourside setting. Bringing a host of moderate-sized touring acts to Torquay and plonking them smack bang in the →

Blood Command – ‘World Domination’

If you were to describe the latest Blood Command album in a word, ‘ambitious’ would be a top contender. This is probably a word the band themselves would be comfortable with too, it is named ‘World Domination’ after all. This is their second album in as many years following →

Monday 25 September 2023

LIVE: Hot Mulligan / Spanish Love Songs @ Kentish Town Forum

Tonight is one of those shows that reminds you why you do this. The tube was out of commission so we all had to re-route, it was twenty six degrees even after the sun had set, and the crowd had packed themselves in like Tetris cubes half an hour →

GALLERY: Hot Mulligan @ Pryzm, Kingston

LIVE: Reading Festival 2023 – Friday

Is Reading still a rock festival? The last half decade has seen a slow descent into pop acts. The teeth bared by previous headliners have definitely been blunted and worn down. However, while Reading’s no longer snarling in your face, there are more than enough vicious acts lurking among →

GALLERY: Leeds Festival 2023

Wednesday 20 September 2023

3Teeth – ‘EndEx’

If you are looking for your pop industrial fix and you no longer want to listen to Rammstein or Marilyn Manson due to, uh, “reasons”, you need to mainline ‘EndEx’, 3Teeth’s first release in four years. They’re proudly flying the flag woven by Nine Inch Nails above a noisy, →

Annisokay – ‘Abyss Pt I’

The heavy music scene in Germany is something to behold: there’s a reason they get all the best dates on a European tour. With more artists breaking out into the international stage comes more eyes focused on the scene, and there’s never been a better time for bands both →

Friday 15 September 2023

LIVE: Mutoid Man @ Oslo, London

Mutoid Man are not what they seem. Beneath layers of fuzz and noise there’s an intricacy, and a ferocious intelligence, in everything they touch. The four hundred people crammed into the sold-out Oslo in Hackney know that well. The crowd is overwhelmingly male (around ten women can be spotted →

Thirty Seconds To Mars – ‘It’s The End Of The World But It’s A Beautiful Day’

Crossing the borders between acting and music is risky business. For every Jack Black, Lady Gaga or Will Smith, there’s Bruce Willis or Kiefer Sutherland. But Jared Leto, the elegant spectre that he is, has once again managed to show he can keep →

Wednesday 13 September 2023

Corey Taylor – ‘CMF2’

If there was ever a metal remake of ‘The Sound Of Music’, Corey Taylor’s new album ‘CMF2’ would surely get a song devoted to it in recognition of how he has used all of his ‘Favourite Things’ in it’s creation. Metallica solos and acoustic country, embracing →

LIVE: Chris Farren @ The Lexington, London

Chris Farren shows are less concerts and more emotional exhibitions. He takes us on a guided tour of his sincerity via gently cynical humour, dynamic animations and a bucketful of heart. Formerly the frontman of Fake Problems, Farren is now a cult sensation →

Sunday 10 September 2023

Kvelertak – ‘Endling’

It’s not all pentagrams and pessimism in the heavy music industry. Certainly Scandinavia does the dark art of metal like no one else, and the punk scene of the Nordic territories has had a significant impact on the rest of the world, with bands like Refused often cited as →

Friday 08 September 2023

We Are Sovereign – ‘Step Out Your Comfort Zone’

Oh, the 2000’s, it’s finally your time to shine again. Although the Y2K fashion style was a questionable foray into the wide world of low-rise denim and peep-toe pumps, the explosion of emo, nu metal and scene music will undoubtedly bring a nostalgic tear to many eyes. While the →

Thursday 07 September 2023


If you’re hopelessly naïve or bad at hangman, there’s a chance you haven’t figured out how to say CLT DRP. Here’s a clue, their debut album is called ‘Without The Eyes’, and if you still haven’t worked it out, give it a listen. They think their name’s →

GALLERY: Magnolia Park, The Bottom Line @ Boston Music Room, London

LIVE: Magnolia Park @ Boston Music Room, London

Outside, the late summer sun drifts into autumn here in the year 2023. But inside the Boston Music Room, it’s springtime circa 2006. It’s the evening of Magnolia Park’s festival warmup show, some three days before they would take to the stage at Reading and Leeds, and it’s very →

Wednesday 06 September 2023

Hawthorne Heights – ‘Lost Lights’

In the midst of the pandemic, Hawthorne Heights frontman and elder emo JT Woodruff needed some peace and quiet. He found a ‘crimson red cabin in rural Ohio’ and settled in for the night. Throwing another log into the fire, Woodruff stared deep into the flames and had an →

Polaris – ‘Fatalism’

As the last notes of ‘All In Vain’ hit with thundering closure, you begin to see how Australian metalcore outfit Polaris have so quickly made themselves a staple of the scene both at home and abroad. However ‘Fatalism’, their third record, is not a celebration of success, →

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