Send us music

By James Brown

We love new music. And we’re well aware that much of the world’s best new bands aren’t going to come our way in an official press release.

So we created the form below – use it to whack over a track for us to check out.

If we like what we hear then we’ll get it up on the site.  We’re about to launch a huge new area of Punktastic that’s dedicated specifically to new music, which we couldn’t be more excited about! As soon as that’s live, we’ll let you know.

We’re lucky enough to receive tons of music every day, so it’s best to select a track that represents you at your best. We’ll listen to it as soon as we can.

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Where are you based?

Easycore pop-punk? Crossover thrash metal? You tell us.

Suggest a few comparable bands, or the people who influenced you

A fun image of yourselves works best, but album artwork is okay too

Say hello direct to our readers - who are you? A couple of sentences on you and your music to convince them you're worth listening to! Works best in your own words, not in third person press release speak.

Where should people go to discover more or follow you online?

Select this option if Punktastic is the first place you're promoting this music, and we'll highlight it as an exclusive. Readers can also browse our special archive of exclusives.

When is the music being released, i.e. when would you like to run the premiere?

This is the music that will display for our readers to listen to on Punktastic. Spotify, YouTube, SoundCloud and Bandcamp and the like are all good. Unless you're running a future exclusive premiere with us, then the music needs to be publicly available and playable online. If we can't play your music then we won't be able to publish it!

Select this if you're interested in buying one of our new weekly "featured exclusive" spots. This gets your music pinned to the top of our homepage for everyone to see, promoted with a larger photo and introduction, and a special call out on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We'll contact you to discuss prices and availability.