Our Team

By James Brown

Punktastic has been a platform for underground music for over fifteen years. Though the staff has changed, the mission hasn’t. We’re a committed and dedicated group of passionate music fans that enjoy talking about punk, rock, metal, and hardcore. We’re real music fans talking about real music, and Punktastic is our labour of love.

Thanks to a whole host of contributors and staff who have dedicated their time, we’re now hugely proud to sponsor stages at major festivals, organise exclusive shows in the UK, Europe and the US, and to provide up-to-date, honest and interesting coverage for a whole host of bands.

We try to help you discover music you wouldn’t find anywhere else. We do that by giving bands exposure we think they deserve, telling the truth about what’s going on, and sometimes by getting our hands dirty and changing the scene ourselves.

Paul Savage founded the site back in 2000, leaving in 2010. New owner/publisher James Brown took over and worked with editor Tom Aylott until mid-2014 when Ben Tipple succeeded him as editor. In October 2016, Glen Bushell became our new editor in chief. And in July 2017, Penny Bennett took on the mantle as our new editor.

Many people make Punktastic possible:

James Brown – MD and Publisher
Penny Bennett – Editor-in-chief
Yasmin Brown – Deputy Editor
Gemma Rogers & Andy Joice – Assistant Editors
(Note: contacting our news desk or sending us music are usually the best way to get your music featured)

And a gang of brilliant columnists, contributors, photographers and other creatives, including:
Tom Walsh, Renette Van Der Merwe, Dave Stewart, Fiachra Johnson, Louis Kerry, Catie Allwright, Liam Knowles, Eloise Bulmer, Matt Higgs, Jade Greenbrooke, Romy Gregory, Sarah Tsang, Kirtsy Fox, Adam Rosario, Carl Battams, Ash Bebbington, Ian Kenworthy, Ellie Odurny and Sophie McCarthy.

Also a huge thank you to all our Patrons that support us, we love you more than you know:
James Brown, Craig Godwin, Jemma Hickin, Andy Joice, Ellie Joice, Sam Lovely, Andrew Simpson, Bradley Stratton

If you’re interested in joining the team, send an email with some of your best, recent work to james at punktastic.com