Reviews from Thursday 05 May 2016

Culture Abuse – ‘Peach’

On the surface, it might look like Culture Abuse aren’t taking anything seriously. After all, this is a band who describe the genre of music they play as “having fun” or “kitchen punk”, and make no secret of their love of partying. Even the artwork of their debut album,

LIVE: Lonely The Brave @ The Lexington, London

Lonely The Brave have never been flamboyant. These words were never destined to celebrate a sudden overt showmanship, nor lament their introverted stage presence. I will note that vocalist David Jakes is now facing the crowd, but that seems like an odd thing to commend. Instead, I will laud

Paradigm – ‘Realize’

We suspect that London trio Paradigm dig Nick Cave. Like, a lot. Now, that’s not a bad thing per se, but the mileage you get from their debut EP, ‘Realize’, will, we suspect, rather depend on your appreciation for the antipodean miserablist – for reasons we’ll explain shortly. ‘Realize’ acts as a sort

Violent Femmes – ‘We Can Do Anything’

It feels slightly unfair to compare any band that has been around as long as Violent Femmes’ to their heyday, but in ‘We Can Do Anything’, there are moments of genuine brilliance, divided up by a small amount of filler. After releasing a relatively promising ‘Happy New Year’ EP last

Wednesday 04 May 2016

Empty Houses – Daydream

Every once in a while a record comes along and unexpectedly captivates you. It gets a hold of you so much that all you can do is listen to it over and over and over again, etching a groove in your brain and a smile upon your face.

Aliases – ‘Derangeable’

It hasn’t been the easiest of rides for Aliases. In the five years since their last full length release ‘Safer Than Reality’, guitarist Pin has reformed his “old” band SiKth and done plenty of work with them, and the band have gone through a slew of line-up changes. Finally

PINTS – ‘Still Drinking, Still Smoking, Still Gambling’

If you needed any proof that punk’s not dead then look no further than PINTS. Although the group’s third effort only consists of three relatively short songs, it will stop you in your tracks. ‘Still Drinking…’ is fast and ferocious. Bounding into action with its catchy as hell guitar line

Tuesday 03 May 2016

House Olympics – ‘Nothing Feels Better Than Feeling Better’

House Olympics recently released their new EP ‘Nothing Feels Better…’ which is a triumph of raw and passionate emo / screamo. Right off the bat it sounds somewhat familiar, in that it’s reminiscent of  many other releases that came to make up ‘The Wave’ in America. Despite the familiarity it’s definitely

Terrible Love – ‘Change Nothing’

There’s a weight of expectation attached when a new band appears that could be considered a ‘supergroup’. On the plus side, you can almost guarantee a certain level of attention, as fans of the members’ other bands (not to mention booking agents, press, etc.) will be eagerly awaiting new

Hatebreed – The Concrete Confessional

When Connecticut hardcore/metalcore titans Hatebreed announced their seventh studio album, the news was met by me with a smile and the warm, familiar thought of some new Hatebreed to drive around quite fast to. 2013’s ‘The Divinity Of Purpose’ did seem to me to be a flawed record –

Pity Sex – ‘White Hot Moon’

While change is often as good as a rest for some bands, there are others who find a sound that works for them and stick with. Two polar opposite examples could be Sonic Youth and Dinosaur Jr. Both bands come from a similar scene, yet have a vastly different

Sunday 01 May 2016

Velcro Hooks – ‘Velcro Hooks’

The name Velcro Hooks couldn’t be more apt name for this four piece. Much like Velcro, their self-titled debut sticks to you almost instantly, and grabs you in right away. The Anglo-Canadians have found a perfect hybrid of chaos-infused noise, and strategically placed subtle hooks (no pun intended) Recorded and

Saturday 30 April 2016

Holy Pinto – ‘Congratulations’

Holy Pinto’s ‘Congratulations’ is a confident, assured, catchy debut from the Canterbury duo. Aymen Saleh’s shimmery guitar and smooth vocals compliment drummer Ryan Hurley’s strong drumming expertly. This album is the perfect soundtrack to warm summer days with the organ (particularly in ‘Elliot’ and ‘Hospital Room’) and trumpet (‘Matches’)

Friday 29 April 2016

Plebeian Grandstand – ‘False Highs, True Lows’

Throatruiner Records are fast becoming one of the most reliable labels in the world for putting out stellar, genre-defining hardcore and metal. Like Deathwish Inc, Southern Lord or Holy Roar, merely seeing the label’s logo on the back of an album is enough to instil confidence that the music

LIVE: PVRIS @ Great Hall, Cardiff

Almost a year ago to the day, PVRIS played their very first UK show at Cardiff’s Y Plas, supporting Lower Than Atlantis. Now, 12 months on, they’re back in Cardiff’s Student Union, headlining the Great Hall, the bigger of the two rooms. PVRIS’ ascent has been unbelievable. Since that

Omaha – ‘Young Hearts’

Recently, Leicester-based quintet Omaha have been turning heads and building up an incredible buzz. It started with their 2015 release ‘Chapters’ and has intensified during tours with Leopards and D At Sea, culminating in a huge following and plenty of hype. Now, they’re setting out to prove that they’re

Thursday 28 April 2016

PVRIS – ‘White Noise (Deluxe Version)’

More than half a year since the original, PVRIS  have re-released their debut album ‘White Noise’ as a deluxe version. Sounding even bigger and better than they already did, it’s hard to find faults with a band who are (definitely worth of a cliché and) destined for greatness. Fans are

Wednesday 27 April 2016

The Caulfield Cult – ‘Cult’

Singapore’s The Caulfield Cult, far from being just that band that gave inspiration to Bring Me The Horizon’s ‘That’s The Spirit’ logo, offer up their most accomplished sound to date on their third almost-eponymous full-length, ‘Cult’. Seemingly waving goodbye to their iconic umbrella, if the album-art is anything to

Britney – ‘Britn3y’

It’s been a long, arduous road of a career for Britney. From the scandalous naughty-schoolgirl music video for ‘…Baby One More Time’ to the infamous head-shaving meltdown of 2007, it’s stunning Ms Spears is still… Wait… No, sorry. That’s not right at all. Apologies. The Britney we’re actually here

Tuesday 26 April 2016

The Body / Full of Hell – ‘One Day You Will Ache Like I Ache’

Both The Body and Full Of Hell are no strangers to collaborative work. Rhode Island sludge metal duo, The Body, have teamed up with a number of artists including Thou, Krieg, and Braveyoung in the past. Blackened powerviolence band Full Of Hell released a stunning piece of art in

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