Reviews from Friday 16 April 2021

The Armed – ‘ULTRAPOP’

If you have followed the career of The Armed, then you will know their existence has been clouded in mystery… until now. With album number four, ‘ULTRAPOP’, the Detroit-based collective have pulled off the veil by revealing themselves to be an eight-piece. Well, that’s at least publicly. Guitarist and

Thursday 15 April 2021

While She Sleeps – ‘SLEEPS SOCIETY’

Beyond the creative expression, the hunger to perform and release tension, the indescribable feeling of being able to travel the globe and see everything it has to offer, there is one very important thing that bands and artists cannot live without. One integral component of the machine, the

Wednesday 14 April 2021

Softcult – ‘Year Of The Rat’

Canadian twins Phoenix and Mercedes Arn-Horn are championing music that effusively counters the misogyny and sexism that is all too often felt by women in a mostly male-dominated music industry. With their debut EP ‘Year Of The Rat’, they’re taking the first steps into a movement that’s

Hail The Sun – ‘New Age Filth’

In the music world you don’t often have to look far to find woe-filled tales of addiction, and Hail the Sun know it. The Californian five-piece detailed their struggles on their 2018 album ‘Mental Knife’, but the story doesn’t end there. Of course, addictions never take place in isolation

LIVE: Black Peaks @ The Brighton Centre

Live streams are bloody weird, aren’t they? It’s like being at a gig, but you’re in your pyjamas, your beer is cold (and probably didn’t cost you six pounds), and your nostrils aren’t full of that unmistakable mix of sweat, farts and booze. Basically, it’s not as good. Is

Tuesday 13 April 2021

Holding Absence – ‘The Greatest Mistake of My Life’

It’s hard to believe that Holding Absence are only just releasing their second album. Having built up a fanbase whose devotion and passion would rival the likes of those in the pop world, you might expect this band to have a back catalogue just as long, too. 

Out Of Love – ‘Funny Feeling’

Forming a band one month before a global pandemic forces the world to completely shut down is far from ideal. While timing wasn’t on their side, London five-piece Out Of Love are a case study in how, once again, timing isn’t always important when it comes to

Monday 12 April 2021

Muttering – ‘Don’t Think About It’

“Songs For The End Of The World”. These are the first words you’re likely to read about London trio Muttering, should you happen to look them up online, so it seems only fitting that we continue the trend as we dive into their debut EP, ‘Don’t Think About It’.

Havelocke – ‘Arsonist’

Sheffield has a history of producing stellar rock and metal bands, and Havelocke are one of those bands looking to further the Steel City’s musical legacy with their second outing following 2019’s introductory EP, ‘This Is Havelocke’. Bordering on imitating early 2000’s post-hardcore and emo, its four tracks showed

Friday 09 April 2021

Evanescence – ‘The Bitter Truth’

Not many bands in rock have penned a career that inspired a generation while changing the musical landscape around them quite like Evanescence. From their multi million selling debut album, to bringing symphonic rock/metal to the mainstream, songstress Amy Lee has flown the alternative flag in front of everyone’s

Thursday 08 April 2021

Devil Sold His Soul – ‘Loss’

London’s ambient metalcore pioneers Devil Sold His Soul have been quiet for a very long time. Having released a couple of mouth-watering singles a few years ago, 2021 marks seven years since they released their ‘Belong ╪ Betray’ EP and an even lengthier fourteen years since their

Friday 26 March 2021

As Everything Unfolds – ‘WITHIN EACH LIES THE OTHER’

You run toward the cliffs, you dive, and for a moment you hang in the air before plunging into the cold, turbulent water. Welcome to the immersive, violent sound of As Everything Unfolds, post-hardcore at its best; rich, layered and catchy as hell. The tides have changed, and you’re

‘68 – ‘Give One Take One’

It’s been a long four years since ‘68 unleashed sophomore record ‘Two Parts Viper’ to critical acclaim. Since then, there’s been a clamouring as to what Josh Scogin and Nikko Yamada would create next – and so, launched in a chaotic world, is ‘Give One Take One’,

Thursday 25 March 2021

Gold Baby – ‘Rabbits’

Siân Alex arrived in London, after relocating from Nottingham, readily equipped with some songs and a band name, but no band. Self-confessedly “afraid of the internet”, Alex took to advertising via handmade posters on Denmark Street and in coffee shops, but in the end, albeit considerably less

Wednesday 24 March 2021

Death From Above 1979 – ‘Is 4 Lovers’

Death From Above (sometimes with a 1979, and sometimes not), despite their hiatus in between records, are entering their third decade of creating heavy hitting style of dance-punk, but it sure doesn’t feel like it. Though the topics may change as drummer/vocalist Sebastien Grainger and bassist/synth jockey

Tuesday 23 March 2021

Citizen – ‘Life In Your Glass World’

One of the greatest joys of following the bands that arose from the emo revival of the late ’00s and early ’10s has been watching their progression above the echelons of the scene. From The Hotelier’s transformation into expansive, poetic naturalism on ‘Goodness’ to Foxing’s bombastic, and quite frankly

LIVE: Dead Poet Society – ‘-!-’ Album Launch

There is a light on the horizon. As vaccines continue to roll out, that first live gig back seems to edge closer day by day. For now though, artists must continue to adapt their approach when it comes to getting their product across to existing and prospective

Saturday 20 March 2021

Rivals – ‘Sad Looks Pretty On Me’

Sometimes bands really hit the nail on the head when they find a term to describe themselves in online bios, and Los Angeles quartet Rivals did exactly that with the words “dark pop”. Their 2018 debut album ‘Damned Soul’ refined their early sound into a slick blend of accessible,

Thursday 18 March 2021


Progressive metalcore titans ERRA are back with one of their most ambitious outings in tow. Following the huge success of their most recent albums, particularly 2016’s ‘Drift’, their brand new record introduces a version of the band that definitively represents everything they’ve been building since their formation. The

Wednesday 17 March 2021

LANDMVRKS – ‘Lost In The Waves’

After launching themselves into the eyes of the masses with their 2018 jaw-dropper ‘Fantasy’, LANDMVRKS are back with a brand new, even more substantial record. Their third full length record ‘Lost In The Waves’ sees them take their eclectic concoction of aggressive metal, adrenaline-fuelled hardcore and instantly addictive

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