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From Monday 31 March 2003


Four Dumb Kids, that band that come from somewhere in between Sheffield and Rotherham and live in Nottingham (kinda), hit the streets for lots of gigs in the not to distant future. Catch their brand of rockage at: Wednesday 2nd April, Charter Arms, Rotherham, with Two Sizes

How to make friends and influence people

If you carefully check page 13 of the April issue of Big Cheese magazine, you will see that the mag has branded the Punktastic approved The Next Autumn Soundtrack and Products of the Fall as “ones to watch in 2003.” Seems like someone has been paying

Help, I need somebody

We’re going a bit bonkers here with interviews – in recent weeks we’ve brought you reads with The Ataris, Capdown and Anti Flag and we have even more to come! Ben has, or is about to, speak with Finch, the

Cheap music

Eyesore Records have reduced their compilation CD ‘WHAT’S ACROSS THE POND? – Volume 1’ showcasing 20 USA bands, from £7 online to just £5. It’s available from their online store at

Full marks for sheer persistance

Just because they’ve asked several times for me to do this, everyone go and check out CleanBreak at The band are in the top 10 of the UK ska charts and are quite promising young pups, so download and leave your

Where’s my Elvis?

UK terror punkers Tiny Elvis have finally succumb to the lures of stardom and signed to the corporate bitch that is Golf Records (That’s Liam TE’s words not mine..) The band are in the studio recording their debut album entitled ‘We Are Not All Civilians’ which will be thrown

Where’s my Elvis?

Shout the loudest

The winner of the Punktastic Shouting Myke comp was Samantha Frame. She walks away with a cd and limited edition badge! Congrats to her.

Skyboys rock!

Submitted: “The record release show for the compilation ‘Skyboys vs Highscalers’ is tomorrow at the Arts Centre in Norwich, and features Shuriken, Odd Man Out and Sula. The CD is out April 1 and features these three bands plus a bunch of new American artists

Saturday 29 March 2003

Gatsby’s MP3s

Gatsby’s American Dream have posted two unreleased songs from their upcoming album ‘Ribbons and Sugar’ on their mp3 site. ‘Epilogue’ and ‘ Recondition, reprogram, reactive’ are the finished cuts and can be found here.