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From Monday 31 May 2004

Jimmy mix in June

Submitted by Ian: “Jimmy Eat World have a sort of new site up at, and say that they’ve finished recording their new album and will start mixing in June! Hurray!”

Thru the format

Although signed to Atlantic Records, The Format look set to release an EP on Drive Thru this summer.

The Vandals get special

The Vandals have released another MP3 from their upcoming record. Download ‘My Special Moment’ here.

Red tape are not on tour because of red tape

Red Tape are now no longer on the Deconstruction Tour because of ‘financial reasons’ apparently.

The TV programme was ace

Submitted by Toby: “Saddle Creek’s The Good Life tour in August: 08.07 Sat. UK 08.08 Sun. UK 08.09 Mon. UK 08.10 Tue. London, UK, with Beep Beep and Broken Spindles”

Biffy live the dream

Submitted: “Biffy Clryo headline the FTWD Record Live The Dream Fest 2004 in Frome Somerset(by Bath) at the Cheese and Grain.Other huge acts are playing. Tickets are £10adv £12.50 on door.For more info go to”


Submitted by Adam: “Funeral For a Friend are playing a “secret show” at Camden Underworld on June 12. Tickets are now available through stargreen under the name “wake for a mate”.” Yourcodenameis:Milo and Midasuno also play. Tickets are £12.


The Jesus Years have two MP3s up for download at their re-designed site,

A beloved poetic process

The Hurt Process, Beloved (US) and Dead Poetic tour together in September.

Sunday 30 May 2004

Japanese Punk Rock RULES

Anyone in Brighton, London or Manchester should add these dates to their diaries this week. After playing with mighty Balzac this evening, I feel I must recommend them to you, the dear reader. Coming over a bit like a slower AFI with hints of classic