The masters of vocal harmony are back with their first release from upcoming new album ‘Here’s to the Fatigue’. Jumping straight in with their signature moves, ‘If All Your Parts Don’t Make a Whole’ contains a variety of superb three-part harmonies, as well as big riffs and a massive chorus hook.

Press to Meco have a phenomenal talent for writing songs that get progressively more contagious and just like their debut album ‘Good Intent’, this track only gets better the more you listen to it. It’s going to be a long wait till November 17 for ‘Here’s to the Fatigue’ but on the strength of this track, it’s going to be well worth the wait.

California-based Dayseeker recently released their third full-length ‘Dreaming is Sinking /// Waking is Rising’, an intriguing concept record told from the perspective of a comatose man, made to reflect on the changing events in the world around him, while he lies helpless in a hospital bed. ‘Abandon’ focuses on one of those events: the dissolution of his relationship, with his partner choosing to move while he remains in a vegetative state. “So tell me how you sleep at night knowing you left before I was awake. Now I feel my heart divide knowing how quickly you cast me aside,” our narrator laments.

The emotion behind the lyrics is brought to live spectacularly by Rory Rodriguez, whose soulful vocals tug at the heartstrings with each inflection of the melody. Rodriguez’s range is something to behold, managing to pivot from soaring melody to aggressive screams and everything in between, which brings to life the almost djent-like riffs, providing a meaty bottom-end to the band’s sound. ‘Abandon’ is a representative sample of the quality throughout ‘Dreaming is Sinking /// Waking is Rising’ and though I’m a little late to the party with Dayseeker, this record is phenomenal entry point.

You don’t get too many chances to watch a band grow from the very start, so get on board early with melodic-hardcore act Galleries. When I say from the start, I mean just that: their Facebook page was created on July 12, they haven’t played a show yet and ‘Enough’ is the first track they’ve ever released. They may just be starting out, but they’re already showing major signs of promise.

In the video for ‘Enough’ you’ll spot members of the band in While She Sleeps and Being as an Ocean t-shirts and you can hear the influences in their sound as well. The screamed vocals have a George Petit of Alexisonfire vibe and these are broken up by some very well delivered clean vocals, all of which are accompanied by ambient guitars that provide excellent atmosphere. The band play their first show, supporting Loathe, on September 8 in their home town of Leeds and I’ll be there to report back on how their live show compares to this highly promising debut track.

Ghost Atlas provides ERRA guitarist/vocalist Jesse Cash with a platform to celebrate a more melodic side to songwriting. He’s released two EPs so far under the project, ‘Gold Soul Coma’ and ‘Immortal Youth, which have gone from strength to strength and now with the release of ‘Cry Wolf’, Cash is maintaining his impressive trajectory.

Cash’s vocals are a joy to behold, with an ability to write soaring melodies every bit as impressive as his incredible tone. Wrapped around driving guitar chords and drums, Ghost Atlas’ sound will bring Saosin to mind, but with more intricate guitar work; the kind you’d expect from a guy used to churning out riffs in a progressive metalcore band. If ‘Cry Wolf’ whets your appetite, check out Ghost Atlas’ EPs on Bandcamp.

What better way to announce new music than with huge, crushing riffs and bags of groove? Kent-based COVE have been hidden away writing new material and ‘Solis’ proves that the time has been extremely well spent. 2016’s debut EP ‘We Were Once Lost’ hinted at what the band were capable of, but ‘Solis’ ups the ante with even more intensity and refinement.

The band describe themselves as alternative hardcore and it’s an appropriate classification. You get the aggression and adrenaline of hardcore, thanks to heavy guitars and Ben Shorten’s screamed vocals, but the riffs nod towards an underlying orientation for groove, which brings an alternative dimension. If this is a taster of what’s to come from COVE, we could be in for something special with their next release.

You won’t find too many pop-punk bands attached to my name in the POV section, but I’m a sucker for great hooks and feel-good anthems, so I’m finding it hard to resist Stand Atlantic’s ‘Coffee at Midnight’. It’s an up-tempo, fist-in-the-air kind of tune that’s backed by massive vocal melodies and I’m not too big to admit that it had me bouncing around my kitchen with a big grin across my face.

The Sydney-based trio recently signed to Rude Records and will release their EP ‘Sidewinder’ on September 15. If the rest of the EP comes packed with tracks as huge as ‘Coffee at Midnight’, we’re in for a treat. Pre-orders for the record are available in digital and physical formats.


Whether or not you grow to love this band as much as I do, one thing you can’t criticise them for is a lack of ambition. Germany’s The Hirsch Effekt manage to cram more ideas, time signatures, styles and notes into one song than most bands manage across a whole album.

The opening guitar parts of ‘LIFNEJ’ bring The Fall of Troy to mind, a comparison that’s compounded by the pulsating drums and jagged rhythms. As the song progresses, it becomes darker, moodier and almost doom-like before transitioning into an alt-rock chorus with a melody that wouldn’t sound out of place on an Arcane Roots track. Mixing all of these elements together should result in a confusing mess, but The Hirsch Effekt balance everything perfectly to create an exciting journey of sound.

The vocals, sung in the band’s native German language, add another layer of authenticity to a band who already sound like they’re emptying their brains onto record without any concern for filtering. Expect more of this genius on the band’s upcoming record ‘Eskapist’, which is out on August 18th through Longbranch.

PVRIS’ debut album ‘White Noise’ deservedly propelled the band to new levels of popularity and support, combining an obvious pop aesthetic with the grit and darkness that keeps them tied to the alternative scene. Topping such a fantastic record was always going to be a challenge and we’ll get to make a full assessment once ‘All We Know Of Heaven, All We Need Of Hell’ is released on August 4th, but latest single ‘Half’ makes me massively optimistic that album two will be just as successful.

Two other tracks from the upcoming record have also been released, ‘Heaven’ and ‘What’s Wrong’ and though they have been impressive, ‘Half’ is the one that’s resonated with me the most. Pop-orientated records often neglect verse patterns and spend their creative efforts on the choruses instead, but that’s where PVRIS excel. Lynn Gunn has a superb ear for melody, somehow able to make seemingly unimposing phrases stick in your head for days, and that’s what you get through the verses of ‘Half’. That said, the chorus isn’t half bad either.

‘All We Know Of Heaven, All We Need Of Hell’ will be released on August 4th through Rise Records and can be pre-ordered here.

The sun has been out for longer than just a week this year, making Summer actually feel like a season rather than just a momentary celebration. With a prolonged period of good weather, we need an extended soundtrack for these sunny days, so what better time for The Xcerts to drop their first hint of new material in almost three years. ‘Feels Like Falling in Love’ is a no-nonsense, hands-in-the-air anthem of a song that begs to be turned up loud and sung at the top of your lungs.

At 2000 Trees, front-man Murray Macleod let slip that the new record has been completed and off the back of their fantastic performance at the festival and this excellent single, it’s time to get very excited for more positive vibes, courtesy of The Xcerts.