Night Verses emerge from the ashes as a superb instrumental act

When Night Verses announced they’d split with singer Douglas Robinson back in September 2017 and intended to carry on as an instrumental act, my interest level in the band suddenly piqued. The band have always been bursting with musical talent, but the vocals never really did it got me, so the prospect of hearing the unrestrained talents of the remaining – and unbelievably talented – members, had me excited. When the trio gave us a sneak peek of material with 3-track teaser EP ‘Copper Wasp’ earlier in the year, the idea of a full-length became a mouth-watering proposition.

With latest track ‘Phoenix IV: Levitation’ managing to somehow sound even more epic, my salivation levels are now flood-worthy. Atmospheric, heavy, ambient, clever, inventive – so many adjectives come to mind as the track progresses and warps into a sprawling, captivating journey that defies genre boundaries. Despite being ten minutes in length and having no vocals to anchor to, there’s not a single moment that feels too long or unfocused, each section feeling like an essential part of this wonderfully crafted composition. Here, three hugely talented musicians have been given the freedom to mine the depths of their creativity and the result is spectacular. ‘From the Gallery of Sleep’ is out on June 29 through Equal Vision Records.