Stop what you’re doing. Underoath are back.

‘Going on hiatus’ is never a statement you want to hear from a band you love and Underoath’s announcement was devastatingly timed. Their final album ‘Disambiguation’ managed to consolidate everything they were best at, while still offering a fresh new angle, with Spencer Chamberlain getting the opportunity to showcase the unbelievable progress he’d made as a vocalist since the start of his career. Throughout the band’s hugely emotional, tear-inducing documentary ‘Tired Violence’, you could sense unfinished business between the band, but as much as I wanted to hope for more Underoath in the future, the healthy thing to do was move on and celebrate what they’d achieved. That was until they toured last year and stoked up all those emotions again, but even though it was a highlight of last year for me, I still didn’t dare to dream.

But now it’s officially happening. Underoath’s brand new album ‘Erase Me’ will be released on April 6 through Fearless Records and ‘On My Teeth’ gives us an explosive insight into what to expect. When you’ve waited this long for a revered band to release new music, it’s common to be apprehensive, but such has been the consistency and superiority of Underoath over the years, that it never crossed my mind that a new track could be anything but superb. And I wasn’t wrong.

The opening, with its build up of electronic effects, is a perfect segue from ‘Disambiguation’ until returning sticks-man Aaron Gillespie tears it to shreds with his signature, pummelling drum style. Though Gillespie is back in the fold, Chamberlain still dominates the vocal melodies, picking up where he left off on the previous record, with the help of some excellent harmonies from his old vocal partner. The abrupt ending makes me desperate to hear more; it’s amazing how quickly you can go from thinking you’d never get another Underoath record, to impatiently demanding the whole thing. The next six weeks are going to be painful.