Savage Hands are one of our ‘Red’ hot tips this year

Sharptone Records have signed some fantastic bands over the last year or so, including Loathe and Holding Absence – two bands I’ve already mentioned extensively in the POV section. Joining this increasingly impressive roster is Maryland-based five piece Savage Hands. ‘Red’ is a perfect way to advertise the variety in the band’s sound and generate intrigue ahead of the release of ‘Barely Alive’, an upcoming EP due out on March 2.

Amongst their Sharptone peers, Holding Absence are a decent barometer; ‘Red’ carries the same momentum, dynamism and impact as their label-mates. Throw in the crunching breakdown towards the end and an obvious ability to write catchy melodies and you have plenty of reasons to be excited for what this band can deliver in 2018.