I Sincerely hope you give this one a try

Fresh out of Detroit, four-piece Sincerely have only been around a few months, but are already on a healthy trajectory. In September 2017 they released their first EP and played their first live performance, played a show with A Lot Like Birds, and will soon be hitting the stage with Eidola.

Though not intending to be an instrumental act at first, the band refused to let their momentum slide after a fruitless search for a vocalist, and decided to release their EP ‘Sweet Talk’ in instrumental form. Their math-rock tinged post-hardcore sounds anything but incomplete; the plethora of intricate and interesting instrumentals entice you onto your feet to soak up the groove. With so many dynamics on display, it’s questionable whether the band need a vocalist, having mastered the art of interesting compositions with instruments alone on this EP, but wherever Sincerely decide to go next, I’ll be waiting in line to hear it. Consider me hooked.

PHOTO: Aaron Barton