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From Sunday 09 April 2017

Take A Walk Through The Forest With megaflora

megaflora immediately recall the likes of American Football, Snowing and early Nai Harvest records, clean guitars, intricate rhythms and softly delivered lyrics. However they can also pull out a big chorus with bite and intensity, driven by some truly fantastic drumming. As the name and their bandcamp state,

Saturday 08 April 2017

The Smith Street Band Have Never Sounded More Vital

On ‘Passiona’ Wil Wagner sings “I am absolutely, infinitely more scared of you than you are of me”, and you can tell each word is true. You get the sense that Wil felt this one day walking through the city and, as is

Friday 07 April 2017

Kamikaze Girls Drop A Furious Statement Of Intent With ‘Berlin’

Kamikaze Girls new single Berlin opens with a wall of noise. Pounding drums, viciously distorted guitars and the powerful opening line of “I feel like I’m having a heart attack”. This is the bands first single since signing to Big Scary Monsters and it’s clear that they

Wednesday 05 April 2017

Raw, Defiant and Angry: Idles and the music of Brutalism

Wednesday 29 March 2017

Fightmilk Soar High Like An Indie-Punk Crow

As a die-hard It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia fan I was dying for Fightmilk to be good, and thankfully they did not disappoint at all. The band’s debut EP ‘The Curse of Fightmilk’ is a four track cherry bomb of rhythm, hooks and creativity that incorporates an array of influences

Good Friend are bringing the sound of East Coast punk to Newcastle

As soon as you hear the first few crashing chords of Good Friend’s debut album ‘Ride The Storm’ the influence of mid-2000’s East Coast punk becomes clear. The band are from Belfast and based in Newcastle,  but their sound recalls  The Loved Ones, Alkaline Trio and The Flatliners. This

Sunday 26 March 2017

Great Cynics tread gorgeous new ground on ‘Don’t Buy The Sun’

Great Cynics new album ‘Posi’ arrived on Friday and it’s a fantastic return from one of the UK’s most underrated bands.  The album is full of the classic warm guitars, infectious melodies and lyrics about bags of cans in the sun Great Cynics are known for, but also sees the band

Saturday 25 March 2017

LIVE: Dave Hause & The Mermaid / Sam Russo @ The Garage, London

Sam Russo was a late stand in as main support tonight, catching the train to London on short notice earlier that day, but he was also an undeniably welcome addition to the line-up. Taking  the stage with a pint and his guitar in hand, he laughed about trying not

Thursday 23 March 2017

Caves Emerge With spicy, crunchy and punchy new cut ‘Need It Most’

Caves have been missing from the UK punk scene for too long. The Bristol two pieces’ 2014 album ‘Leaving’ was a 20 minute explosion of crunching guitars, battering drums and fiercely delivered, personal lyrics about politics, gender and oppression (their 2013 record ‘Betterment’ is also a belter).

Saturday 25 February 2017

Idles engage in the purest, most cathartic anger on ‘Mother’

Every new Idles song right now sounds vital. Every new Idles song sounds like a pure cry of fury stemming from something deep inside that you’ve been struggling to articulate and come to terms with. The gift of Idles is they can articulate it with a few simple lines