Great Cynics tread gorgeous new ground on ‘Don’t Buy The Sun’

Great Cynics new album ‘Posi’ arrived on Friday and it’s a fantastic return from one of the UK’s most underrated bands.  The album is full of the classic warm guitars, infectious melodies and lyrics about bags of cans in the sun Great Cynics are known for, but also sees the band develop their sound and draw from a wider set of influences. One of the best examples of this and one of the standout tracks on the album is ‘Don’t Buy The Sun’.

The track begins with a slow build of melodic, clean guitars and drums that recall 90s emo such as American Football, however when the bass enters the drums pick up and the song explodes into a punchy and passionate attack on tabloid fear-mongering. Lead singer Giles Bidder delivers his vocals with a hint of distortion to add some bite and makes good use of repetition (“Now everyone’s pissed off, now everyone is pissed off” / “They’re just trying to scare you, they’re just trying to scare you”) to really hammer the message home. It’s a two minute blast that incorporates everything that makes Great Cynics so beloved by their fans and a healthy dose of something new. And say it one more time for the people at the back, don’t buy The Sun.