The Smith Street Band Have Never Sounded More Vital

On ‘Passiona’ Wil Wagner sings “I am absolutely, infinitely more scared of you than you are of me”, and you can tell each word is true. You get the sense that Wil felt this one day walking through the city and, as is The Smith Street Band way, it was part crippling but also brought a smile. It’s funny, self-deprecating and completely honest, and it’s the line that gives their brilliant new album it’s name.

The band have never sounded more vital, not only to the scene they’re apart of but also to themselves. This record sounds like something that needed to be written, full of feelings that needed to be released. ‘More Scared Of You Than You Are Of Me’ distills the complicated and conflicting feelings you have after a break-up down to their purest form, with Wil utilising short, simple and concise refrains like “I want to kiss you on the mouth, a little bit too hard” and “I just want you to let me love you” to gut-wrenching effect. It’s an album that never gives up on the value of love and having loved someone and it leaves you smiling, even if it may be through a few tears.