Fightmilk Soar High Like An Indie-Punk Crow

As a die-hard It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia fan I was dying for Fightmilk to be good, and thankfully they did not disappoint at all. The band’s debut EP ‘The Curse of Fightmilk’ is a four track cherry bomb of rhythm, hooks and creativity that incorporates an array of influences into one cohesive whole.

Opener ‘Admin’ is a catchy lament for dead-end jobs and has an infectious indie-rhythm that recalls early The Strokes. ‘Jesse’ is a four minute power-pop anthem about unrequited love and the theme continues into ‘Your Girlfriend’ which has a hook and perspective that Weezer would be proud of. The EP ends with ‘Winterboy’, the punky ode to cuffing season that has a certain similar theatrics to the writing of Charlie Day on ‘Dayman’ and ‘Nightman’ (no mention of ghouls or spiders though).  The writing is fantastic, the licks are great and the whole EP just exudes a sense of fun and creativity, so listen to Fightmilk and watch your mood soar high like a crow.