Good Friend are bringing the sound of East Coast punk to Newcastle

As soon as you hear the first few crashing chords of Good Friend’s debut album ‘Ride The Storm’ the influence of mid-2000’s East Coast punk becomes clear. The band are from Belfast and based in Newcastle,  but their sound recalls  The Loved Ones, Alkaline Trio and The Flatliners. This isn’t just a recreation though, the band add their own distinct flavours with some Northern bite and lyrics tinged with whiskey and Gaelic folk stories.

If you like any of the bands mentioned above you’ll find something in ‘Good Friend’. ‘Ride The Storm’ is full of energy, powerful drumming and big riffs, with opener ‘Rock Bottom Revival’, ‘The Curios Case Of Hy-Brasil’ and ‘Young Blood’ proving particularly riotous. It’s honest punk rock to shout loudly while you stand on table.  It won’t change the world but it’ll damn sure get you through the night.