Caves Emerge With spicy, crunchy and punchy new cut ‘Need It Most’

Caves have been missing from the UK punk scene for too long. The Bristol two pieces’ 2014 album ‘Leaving’ was a 20 minute explosion of crunching guitars, battering drums and fiercely delivered, personal lyrics about politics, gender and oppression (their 2013 record ‘Betterment’ is also a belter). The band have been relatively quiet since then however, with guitarist Lou Hanman leaving Bristol for America’s punk capital, Philadelphia.

This move has led to a change in Caves’ songwriting and their upcoming third album, ‘Always Why’, promises new developments in their sound, but the first single released from it, ‘Need It Most’, is a slice of classic Caves. The pounding drums carry infectious energy, the palm muted guitars add bite and, despite the 3400 mile distance between Philly and Bristol, the chorus is perfectly designed to be sung in The Exchange or Mother’s Ruin with a can of horrifically strong cider in hand. It’s crunchy, punchy and arrives not a moment too soon.