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From Wednesday 05 August 2009

Kevin Devine – Brother’s Blood

Kevin Devine is a hard working singer-songwriter who hails from Brooklyn. He has toured pretty much everywhere for the last few years and has released four albums to date. ‘Brother’s Blood’ is his fifth studio album and is the first to get a

Thursday 31 July 2008

Orphan Choir – The Amistad split

The Orphan Choir / The Amistad splt brings together two bands from opposite sides of the Atlantic. The Orphan Choir hail from Windsor, Canda and The Amistad are dotted around the middle of the UK. This 7” is the

imadethismistake – Its okay

There has to be a hint of genius or madness when taking the decision to release a new album on only tape cassette and vinyl. The Cottage Records have taken one such decision with the new record from imadethismistake. I personally love the

Tuesday 29 July 2008

Dashboard Confessional Winter Tour

December Wednesday 10th – Norwich UEA Thursday 11th- Leeds Met University Saturday 13th- Manchester Academy Tuesday 16th- Hull University Thursday 18th – London Astoria

Friday 21 March 2008

Pendleton seek new guitarist

Manchester outfit Pendleton are seeking a new guitarist, and are hoping the punktastic community can help. Click ‘comment on this item’ for a statement from the band.

Sunday 20 January 2008

Beasts – For Old Times Sake split

It seems like every week there are a couple of new DIY record labels cropping up, all trying to get the music they love heard. The latest is Records or it didn’t happen, run from a bedroom in Manchester. The labels debut release is a

Sunday 06 January 2008

aflighttoremember – Short Term Diary Split

Dead Shop Records are a new record label that work out of Ipswich. Their fist release is a split effort by Short Term Diary and aflighttoremember. This 7 inch vinyl features two songs from both artists, all of which can be filed neatly under acoustic.

Thursday 22 November 2007

Zatopeks – Damn Fool Music

I have to admit that I was delighted when I heard the news that Household Name had signed the Zatopeks. They are one of the best pop punk bands in the UK and yet they remain embarrassingly overlooked on these shores. Having released their debut

Tuesday 04 September 2007

Bad Religion – New Maps of Hell

You have to hand it to Bad Religion. ‘New Maps of Hell’ is the band’s fourteenth album and still they show no sign of slowing down. The band may have had their ups and downs over the years but they remain just as vital now as

Down Turn

3dBs Down have officially changed their name to On The Turn. Read all about it at