imadethismistake – Its okay

By bushy

There has to be a hint of genius or madness when taking the decision to release a new album on only tape cassette and vinyl. The Cottage Records have taken one such decision with the new record from imadethismistake. I personally love the fact that ‘I’m okay’ has been released only on supposedly dead formats, but I also love the fact that The Cottage Records are savvy enough to include a free digital download with each purchase.

So, plus points for the method of release then – but all that counts for nought if the music doesn’t match the delivery. I’m pleased to say that it does. Imadethismistake is the moniker for singer/songwriter Kylewilliam Campol, being joined on this recording by a full band for the first time. Sound wise the band veer from pop punk to folk with vocals that range from powerful to hushed, almost spoken word.

The album kicks off with ‘I swear’, one of a number of instrumental tracks. Whilst decent, these music only tracks feel a bit like filler in comparison to the rest of the album. It is when the band it is full swing and boasting some honest, slightly depressing, yet occasionally hopeful lyrics that imadethismistake really shine. You only have to listen to the likes of ‘There are clear skies beyond Tallahassee’ and ‘My Sins’ to appreciate the heights this album can hit at times.

‘It’s Okay’ turns out to be a solid, and sometimes fantastic album from a record label that still knows the meaning of DIY. I strongly urge you to check imadethismistake out as you might just discover a band you will want to hold on to.

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