aflighttoremember – Short Term Diary Split

By bushy

Dead Shop Records are a new record label that work out of Ipswich. Their fist release is a split effort by Short Term Diary and aflighttoremember. This 7 inch vinyl features two songs from both artists, all of which can be filed neatly under acoustic. Short Term Diary kicks things off in very impressive fashion. Dave Cullem really is one to keep an eye on. With strong vocals, honest and inspired lyrics and simple and effective guitar work; both ‘Give Quiche a chance’ and ‘Four sailors, one captain’ are a joy to listen to.

Unfortunately the second side of the record proves to be a little disappointing. There is a lot of good in what aflighttoremember does. The two songs here are both structured well and musically very accomplished. However, I personally can not get past the vocals. They are not terrible by any means but the nasal, mumbling style tends to detract from the music.

Ultimately this split 7 inch proves to be a mixed effort. The first side is highly recommended but the second will only be appreciated if you can get past the vocals.

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