Zatopeks – Damn Fool Music

By bushy

I have to admit that I was delighted when I heard the news that Household Name had signed the Zatopeks. They are one of the best pop punk bands in the UK and yet they remain embarrassingly overlooked on these shores. Having released their debut album, ‘Ain’t nobody left but us’, through Dutch label Stardumb Records, I’m hoping that a proper UK release for their latest effort will turn a few more heads in the direction of the band.

‘Damn Fool Music’ then, is the second full-length from the Zatopeks. It pretty much picks up where the first album left off; refining what was already a very accomplished sound. Zatopeks, as is by now common knowledge, mix their pop punk stylings with a whole host of other influences, from 50’s pop bands to The Ramones. This is an album that is literally stuffed full of great songs.

‘Radio Marja’ kicks off the record in fine style. With great hooks, a killer chorus and well implemented gang vocals, this is a song that ticks all the right boxes. There are also instances here where the band appear to grow outside their already established song writing style. Tracks like ‘Courtyard Blue’ and ‘Song for Nina Simone’ showcase a more mature and subtle side to the band. That’s not to say the band have forgotten how to rock though. ‘Drive By Love’ and ‘Jumble sale’ are amongst the very best these guys have written.

With ‘Damn Fool Music’ the Zatopeks have crafted their best and most balanced piece of work to date. It manages to be passionate, uplifting, inspiring and a hundred other things all at the same time. It will make you smile, dance and generally jump around like a crazy person. This is without doubt one of the best releases by a UK band this year. Buy this and help make the Zatopeks as successful as they deserve to be.

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