Beasts – For Old Times Sake split

By bushy

It seems like every week there are a couple of new DIY record labels cropping up, all trying to get the music they love heard. The latest is Records or it didn’t happen, run from a bedroom in Manchester. The labels debut release is a split 7inch green vinyl featuring For Old Times Sake and Beasts. A mention should also go to the presentation and packaging of the vinyl, which is very impressive for a first release.

Both For Old Times Sake and Beasts get two songs each to display their talents, all of which hover around the melodic hardcore genre. For Old Times Sake are very rough and ready, featuring some distinctive gruff vocals and an ear for a great chorus – particularly on ‘Palatine’. Beasts have a slightly more polished sound and their two tracks here are full of energy and quality.

This split is a very strong debut release from Records or it didn’t happen. Two good bands and four enjoyable songs make this well worth checking out.

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