Orphan Choir – The Amistad split

By bushy

The Orphan Choir / The Amistad splt brings together two bands from opposite sides of the Atlantic. The Orphan Choir hail from Windsor, Canda and The Amistad
are dotted around the middle of the UK. This 7” is the second release from the fledgling Manchester label Records or It Didn’t Happen, in conjuction with Document Recordings.

Whilst the two bands here are very different backgrounds they do share a lot of common musical ground. Rough melodic punk rock is the order of the day here. First up are The Orphan Choir and the impress from the start with the gruff sounding ‘Groundbreaking Ceremony‘ A strong acoustic version of ‘Cross Your Fingers’ wraps up their successful half of the record. The Amistad don’t have quite the impact on their two tracks but still produce two entertaining songs, with ‘The Only Living Boy in Banner Cross’, in particular, leaving a lasting impression.

With two good bands coming up with four very strong tracks this split is a definite success. Both bands deserve more investigation individually and this 7” deserves to be purchased.

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