Rory Indiana dish out some ‘Tough Love’

If you’ve been wowed by the alt-rock mastery of Arcane Roots and In Dynamics over the past couple of years then you’re going to want to turn your attention towards Rory Indiana. ‘Tough Love’ is the first track they’ve released since their breakthrough EP ‘Ruling Class Crooks’ in 2016 and it sees them at their infectious and memorable best.

Rory Kaye’s interesting vocal arrangements are reminiscent of In Dynamics’ Beau Bolden, particularly during his beautifully controlled falsetto and the song’s second half, with its added bite and punch from the instrumentation, brings the progressive heaviness of Arcane Roots to mind. They bear their influences well, but Rory Indiana are no copy cats: ‘Though Love’ has a character all its own and I’ll be looking forward to hearing more sides to it whenever the band release more of this catchy brilliance.