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From Monday 31 December 2002

The Hives – Your New Favourite Band

If you were asked to name two Swedish bands who released greatest hits albums, you’d probably struggle after the obvious first choice. But now, it seems, the answer has presented itself with a release from, bizarrely enough, the Hives. If you think the

Get Up Kids New Year round up

New fans who have just bought Eudora, or old fans who just want to know when the hell the new record is coming out may be interested in this I found on TGUK website:- ‘HAPPY NEW YEAR We all hope you had a great holiday season and vacation. Thanks for bearing

Spunge play New Years Eve party

If you’re in the UK and can’t be bothered watching shitty TV in the run up to 12:00 midnight tomorrow, or just can’t stand the though of Terry Wogan and other annoying personalities cracking 10 year old jokes, make sure you get down to Nottingham Rock

The Busdrivers – Missed This Little Trend

If 2001 was the year that emo came back, then it was also the very same year that saw ska/punk explode. Top new records from Less Than Jake, Mad Caddies and the Rx Bandits, to name but three, were released to critical

Less Than Jake – Greased

OK, Grease is a classic film. I’ll admit that even though I personally think it sucks. John Travolta makes me want to hurl. However, the songs in the movie/musical are pretty damn good I’ve got to say. Whether you will publically admit it or not,

Glasseater plans to record oh so soon

After the success of ‘Seven Years Bad Luck’ and ‘Miles Ahead…’, Glasseater have made plans to record their new album in the near future, and this is what the website had to say:- ‘We have officially blocked out the whole month of feb @ Wisner studios. James Wisner

Sunday 30 December 2001

Jimmy Eat world mp3 greeting

Those of you who missed it out, or can’t get enough of the world eating jimmys, go and have a look at and listen to the recorded mp3 message by Zach of the band. They also left this festive note:- ‘The band; Jim, Tom, Zach, and Rick… as well as

Bowling for soup new album news

Just found this on the ol’ soup website, which should make those of you who like the band froth at the mouth – wonder why that is 🙂 ‘We are just finishing the recording of our new album Drunk Enough to Dance. Look for it in April of next year.

Saturday 29 December 2001

Lit strike up UK tour

Orange County pop-punkers Lit are to tour the UK in late January. The foursome, who have recently released the stonking ‘Atomic’ CD, have so far just announced one date, although more are expected. You will be able to trip the light fantastic at

Kris Roe speaks!

2002 looks as though it is going to be a busy year for San Dimas superstars The Ataris. Speaking on their official website,, Kris said that fans can expect two records out during the year. His full statement read: “Hey everyone. Merry X-Mas. We are officially home until