Kris Roe speaks!

By paul

2002 looks as though it is going to be a busy year for San Dimas superstars The Ataris.

Speaking on their official website,, Kris said that fans can expect two records out during the year.

His full statement read:

“Hey everyone. Merry X-Mas. We are officially home until next summer working on our next full-length record currently titled “Don’t Ever Compromise What You Believe.” As of right now we have around 13 rough songs that we feel are coming together really nicely. I’ve mentioned before that the songs are a bit more simple + more in the style of “Blue Skies…” Lyrically I feel it will definitely be our best to date. This will be our first record where we will actually get to rehearse the songs for a while before we record, which means the songs can grow on us for a while and we can make changes if we want before we record them.

“We will start recording in March. We may play one or two surprise shows to try out new material before then, but other than that, no more shows til May when we’re done recording. We just want to focus on making the best record possible.

“In other news we just finished a short tour of the west w/All opening. We would like to say thanks to All + crew for doing some shows with us; it was a blast. All + Descendents are my all time favorite band and the band that made me want to play punk music. It was an honor to have them out.

“In Santa Barbara on the last night of the tour I got to sing “Coolidge” with them. That was the coolest thing ever, hands down. Thanks again to those guys + to all the other bands who opened some dates as well… One Man Army, Diesel Boy, Nerf Herder, Bro Motiv, Tsunami Bomb, Anti-Freeze, Easy Target, Bill The Welder, thanks to Armchair Martain + Black Halos for trying to do some shows. We’ll make it work next time.

“Anywhere But Here will be re-mixed, re-mastered w/new artwork, liner notes, photos, unreleased tracks, on an enhanced CD w/early video footage out in early Feb. on Kung Fu. New mp3’s up soon at

“The Home video + DVD out early 2002 on Kung Fu. We have a brand new song called “Radio #2” on the bonus disc that comes w/the soundtrack to the movie “Orange County.” The movie is pretty awesome, Jack Black/Tenacious D. is in it so you can’t go wrong.

“That’s all. Have a safe + fun holiday. Be positive + take care.

“Your friends – Kris Roe/The Ataris.”

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