Get Up Kids New Year round up


New fans who have just bought Eudora, or old fans who just want to know when the hell the new record is coming out may be interested in this I found on TGUK website:-

We all hope you had a great holiday season and vacation. Thanks for bearing with us during these temporary web page times. This should only be “under construction” for a few more months. We should have everything up and running as soon as TM2 gets us some artwork.

So, what’s new? The mini-tour in December went amazingly well. Thanks to everyone who came out, especially those in Lawrence and NYC, we raised a lot of money for the 9/11 cause. Special thanks to The Appleseed Cast for going on the whole tour with us and also to The Anniversary, The Alkaline Trio, Hot Rod Circuit, Benny Johnson and Koufax for jumping on some shows. All the shows were sold out and we had a lot of fun.

By the time you read this we’ll be in the studio recording our new record. We’re going to hole up with Scott Litt (our producer) and track 16 songs. 12-14 of them will be on the new record. The rest will be available on CD singles on The VAG. We’ve also commisioned Travis Millard to do the artwork for the new album, which by the way is “self titled”. Travis did the robots on Something To Write Home About and we’re really excited to have him back on board. Don’t expect it to look anything like the last record though…that’s part of the gig. Our third album is sceduled to be released the last week of April this year on the Vag.

We’ve routed and started to book our first full US tour in almost two years. We’ll be heading out in May and June with Hot Rod Circuit and maybe some other surprises. We’re doing three weeks on the east coast and three on the west including a couple of Canadian dates and if all goes according to plan we’ll see you there. Also, the free fun club tickets will be available for this tour. We promise you that. Keep checking here for more details.

What else? Eudora, our collection of b-sides and other rare stuff is out now. It’s interesting to listen to because we actually get younger as the record goes on. We’re sorry about the DVD thing not working out. We watched some clips and we decided that we really aren’t that interesting to watch off stage…not yet…we’re working on it though. Maybe when this page is done we’ll put up some of the stuff so you can see what we mean.

Speaking of things you watch, Travis Millard (see earlier paragraph) is making us am animated video. Since we don’t have a single picked and he’s never made a cartoon before it probably won’t be done until the summer but we’ll put in on the page the second it’s done.’

Thankyou copy & paste. Thankyou.

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