Bowling for soup new album news


Just found this on the ol’ soup website, which should make those of you who like the band froth at the mouth – wonder why that is 🙂

‘We are just finishing the recording of our new album Drunk Enough to Dance. Look for it in April of next year. We spent the past couple of months in Atlanta, GA, recording with Butch Walker, formerly of Marvelous 3….. It was a blast ….. Butch is amazing and really helped to bring the ROCK out of some fat dudes from TEXAS!!! The album will include songs that we have been doing live for a while such as “Emily”, “Greatest Day”, “Out The Window”, “Self-Centered”, and “The Hard Way”, as well as some newer songs and a song written by Jaret and Butch called “Girl all The Bad Guys Want!!!!” We recorded 15 songs total, so get ready to sing along!!!!’

Anyways here it is, but for those of you who don’t trust punktastic and want to take a look for yourself take a peek at

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