Subtlety and sorrow with Lonely The Brave

It’s not the first time I’ve said it and it certainly won’t be the last: Lonely The Brave are special. They feel like a secret that only a few of us know about; storytellers that only those in tune with the deep, dark emotion they share can really appreciate.

In advance of the release of the Redux version of their ‘Things Will Matter’ album, they’ve released a new song for the record that wasn’t on the original version and unsurprisingly, it’s beautiful. Dave Jakes’ haunting voice is clear and emotive over simple guitars and we’re reminded how the fragility of his open vulnerability is a gift not a curse. There are few if any others who can convey such emotion through their singing.

A sorrowful tale of friendship and loss conveyed in less than three minutes, it’s an example of what Lonely The Brave do best. They dismiss showmanship for subtlety and let their talent do the talking. My crutch through the darkest of moments and a band I continue to view in awe, while I want to keep them all for myself it’s time the world realises how wonderful they are. They really do matter.