Marmozets are back and ready to play

Sometimes all you want is a comeback single that’s loud, fierce and unapologetic. It doesn’t need to be fancy, it’s just got to be something you can – pardon the cliché – rock out to. Marmozets’ latest track ‘Play’ is exactly that, ready to be blasted at full volume and on repeat for hours. With a killer chorus and a determination to get the party started whilst making it clear they aren’t here to mess around, it’s an attention-grabbing noise of pounding drums and riffs straight out of Queens Of The Stone Age’s ‘Little Sister’.

Becca Macintyre’s vocals are strong throughout, superior to what we’ve heard from her previously but not having lost the growls and imperfections that give them a heavier edge. As her presence dominates the video – a presence even more dazzling in a live setting – she’s a role model for women who are interested in making sure they make themselves heard and enjoying it in the process. Leading her troops into battle, she’s a frontwoman for the ages: powerful, polished and just really fucking cool.

If ‘Play’ is anything to by then the future looks exciting. Thank god Marmozets are back —  I couldn’t stand another moment without them.