Linkin Park’s ‘Iridescent’ is an anthem in times of need

As Chester Bennington left this world, Linkin Park’s ‘Hybrid Theory’ and ‘Meteora’ blasted out from speakers across the world. For a moment, it seemed that nothing would dull the pain of such a huge loss other than sticking on the albums we all fell in love with – some of us as adults, some of us as kids – and singing along at the top of our voices.

As we start to look forward rather than back, and as we learn from the loss of someone that changed the lives of so many, it can be difficult to remain positive – to not lose yourself in the sadness. To be hopeful in the darkest hours, as Chester has proven, can sometimes be too much. Here’s where ‘Iridescent’ comes in.

Released on 2010’s ‘A Thousand Suns’ album and as part of the ‘Transformers: Dark Of The Moon’ soundtrack, the track slipped under the radar of many. It’s rarely mentioned as anyone’s favourite song by the band and you’re unlikely to search for it buried in the depths of a playlist when there are so many other songs you might choose first. That said, it’s a treasure.

Asking the listener to look within, Chester sings “Do you feel cold and lost in desperation? You build up hope, but failure’s all you know.” You’re not alone, he’s saying. Other people feel the same way. This is a song to remind everyone who feels alone that they most definitely are not; it’s a plea to find comfort in the small things rather than tearing yourself apart.

Nobody would judge if the melody brought a tear to your eye. The group vocals that build to a level of crescendo that 30 Seconds To Mars specialise in, would pull at the heartstrings of the most stoic and chip away at the façade of those with even a Cersei Lannister level of steeliness.

With one last chorus of “Remember all the sadness and frustration. And let it go. Let it go” there’s a sentiment to be found that we can find strength in. Even in a song made for a film franchise, designed for the widest of audiences, the message is deeply personal. Linkin Park wanted us to know there’s a light in the darkness for everyone and if we all stick together we just might be able to find it.