Reviews from Friday 16 March 2018

LIVE: Brian Fallon & The Howling Weather @ KOKO, London

Brian Fallon has been cutting a new path since the hiatus of his beloved vehicle The Gaslight Anthem. If his former celebrated the ballsy blue-collar rock and roll Fallon grew up on in New Jersey, his recent delve into something more fragile and soulful has offered a more heartfelt

Black Foxxes – ‘Reiði’

It’s rare that rock bands make such a powerful first impression, but even before the release of their debut album ‘Reiði’, it’s safe to say Black Foxxes had made their mark on the British rock scene. Now, with ‘Reiði’ firmly in our hands, it’s easy to see

Wednesday 14 March 2018

Myles Kennedy – ‘Year of the Tiger’

Myles Kennedy has been taking on the world with his outstanding voice for a while, in particular his work with Alter Bridge and Slash has earned him the status of being one of the best rock singers of this era. ‘Year of the Tiger’ is Myles’ long awaited debut solo

Grimner – ‘Vanadrottning’

For what is undoubtedly quite a niche genre – they don’t exactly seem like musical styles you would naturally meld, to be fair – folk metal manages to maintain a dedicated fan base around the world, and has been steadily increasing in popularity in recent years. Essentially the musical

LIVE: Fizzy Blood / Forever Cult / Koyo @ Headrow House, Leeds

Headrow House is noisy, with music beating through every wall as you make your way to the venue. Tonight we’re warmed up with psychedelic progressive rock from Koyo. The audience are somewhat mesmerised by their performance with their long experimental pieces which are clearly very creatively written. It is

Titus Andronicus – ‘A Productive Cough’

Titus Andronicus are back with their latest, ‘A Productive Cough’, having made an obvious departure from the punk rock anthems of 2015’s ‘Most Lamentable Tragedy’ to take a more soulful approach for their second album on Merge Records. Fear not, it’s still the same worn voice of singer songwriter, Patrick

Pillow Queens – ‘State of The State’

On the surface it would seem that ‘State of The State’ offers the perfect soundtrack to a lazy summer. The poppy riffs and delightfully intertwined vocal harmonies conjure images of those sunny days spent out in countryside retreats. However, dig a little deeper and there is an

Tuesday 13 March 2018

Between The Buried And Me – ‘Automata I’

Between The Buried And Me started out as a tech metal band with prog-rock elements, but in the fifteen (!) years since their breakthrough album ‘The Silent Circus’ that balance has shifted and these days they have more in common with Rush and Dream Theatre than they do with

At Face Value – ‘Ivy & Echo’

Baltimore: home to The Ravens, the set of The Wire and… oh yeah, All Time Low. Filling the shoes of one of the biggest pop punk bands in the world is no easy matter, but city mates, At Face Value are determined to prove their feet are still growing.

Monday 12 March 2018

LIVE: Arcane Roots / Grumble Bee / The Hyena Kill @ The Leadmill, Sheffield

Despite possessing three superb musicians and a back catalogue filled with massive alt-rock anthems, Arcane Roots have somehow managed to stay frustrating below the radar. They have all the ingredients to be one the UK’s largest bands, but on previous tours, the venues and audience numbers haven’t been of

Dashboard Confessional – ‘Crooked Shadows’

Incredibly, it’s been almost a decade since Dashboard Confessional last released an album of new songs, and seventeen years since ‘The Places You Have Come To Fear The Most’ secured its rightful place in emo lore. Over the years, Dashboard Confessional has evolved from an acoustic side

Thursday 08 March 2018

Superchunk – ‘What a Time to Be Alive’

Nearly 30 years into their existence, Superchunk have returned with ‘What a Time to Be Alive’. The indie-punk band usually have something to say in their releases and this eleventh offering is a prime example of that. This is one of the quartet’s most energetic albums, and despite the typical

Tuesday 06 March 2018

Cup Check – ‘Continuity’

Chicago group Cup Check’s ‘Continuity’ is likely to get nowhere near the attention it deserves. A mixture of hurt, honesty and strength tie together this progressive pop-punk collection. Whilst opener ‘Selfish’ offers a brief introduction before aggressively throwing us into a blur of enraged drumming, ‘Tightrope’ chooses to remain steady

LIVE: The Xcerts / Airways @ O2 Academy, Leicester

Whilst it feels like The Xcerts were only just off tour with Nothing But Thieves and finishing their smaller instore tour at the beginning of the year, the Scottish trio are already back on the road in support of their new album ‘Hold On To Your Heart’ and bring

Don Broco – ‘Technology’

‘Technology’ accommodates 16 songs all of which comprise qualities found on Don Broco’s previous records. Maintaining their own sound, they continue to rely on weighty riffs and chant-like choruses to encapsulate an assortment of music that can captivate a live audience. First song ‘Technology’ is the perfect opening to the

Monday 05 March 2018

Rolo Tomassi – ‘Time Will Die and Love Will Bury It’

Thirteen years ago an unknown group of young musicians played their very first gig in Sheffield. Now, over a decade later and Rolo Tomassi are undeniably one of the most forward thinking and innovative alternative bands in recent history. As they prepare to unleash album number five into the

LIVE: Amenra / Boris @ Brudenell Social Club, Leeds

Tonight’s show should come with a health warning. Both of the acts have reputations for being punishingly loud, and the Brudenell Social Club has the equipment and the know-how to maintain impeccable sound at almost intolerable volumes. If nothing else, no one is going to walk out after tonight’s

Saturday 03 March 2018

Off Road Minivan – ‘Spiral Gaze’

Recently signed to Tooth & Nail, Off Road Minivan are a rock band from Red Rock in New York and their EP ‘Spiral Gaze’ is something you must not miss. Title track ‘Spiral Gaze’ starts with a heart-felt solo guitar riff with plenty of reverb, and the short sustain before

Friday 02 March 2018

LIVE: The Front Bottoms / The Smith Street Band / Brick + Mortar @ The Waterfront, Norwich

The Front Bottoms embarked on their European tour accompanied by 2 bands that emphasises exactly why support acts are so often referred to as “warm up” acts. With it being their first trip to the UK, American duo Brick + Mortar were previously unknown to

Happy Accidents – ‘Everything But The Here And Now’

London based three-piece Happy Accidents return with their electrifying sophomore album, ‘Everything But The Here And Now’, sticking true to their indie-punk roots. While their debut album, ‘You Might Be Right’, has elements of DIY punk, the second release shows clear growth and a more developed sound. The real

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