The Union Ares (Carson Wells, ex Kolya) make captivating debut

By Aaron Lohan

Comprising of Carson Wells members Iain Dallas and Huw Gurden and ex Kolya member Todd Giles, Scottish band The Union Ares are premiering their debut songs, ‘Oubliette’ and ‘The Great Collective’, a double A-side demo, with us at Punktastic.

“The Union Ares started in the bedroom and basement of my Grandmother’s house some 15 years ago in Hamilton, Massachusetts, explains vocalist/guitarist Giles. “My previous band, Kolya, had recently stopped playing but I still had some songs bubbling above water. With the help of friends, old and new, the songs became a 10-song demo that was almost immediately mothballed as I spun into a spiral of banjo addiction (not a euphemism). A few years later, I relocated to European shores and, more recently, felt the need to play some rock music again – it was time to reprise The Union Ares.”

Once the project had been birthed, Giles decided to look for additional hands to build up the structure of the band. After hearing of comparisons to his old band, he approached the members of Carson Wells for this new endeavour. “I was stoked that Huw and Dallas were keen to sign up on bass and drums, respectively. I’ve been making the occasional trip over to Scotland for practice and finally, we’re on the cusp of bearing fruit.”

In regards to the songs themselves and their eventual making: “‘Oubliette’ and ‘The Great Collective’ were part of the original The Union Ares 10-track demo, which was our starting point as a band, and I’m delighted with how they’ve come out under this new guise. We recorded them in Glasgow over the summer, in a studio called Audiolounge, and then Dallas’ friend, Scott Clark, put all the pieces together with a really great mix.”

“We’re calling this a double A-side demo, but it is only the sapling. The tree is growing stronger and will provide cover in the years to come; years that look like they will need much cover. We’ve already begun working on brand new material too, which I’m really excited about. Look to 2018 for new songs, recording, and shows.”

These songs are a marvellous taste of what this group are capable of. Combining the best elements of their other bands. Fans of indie, post hardcore and emo will certainly enjoy what is on offer here.

The Union Ares’ first demo is available now for PWYW download on their bandcamp.