Punktastic Presents: Playlist – November ’19

By Andy Joice

Halloween has to be the most gothic of all holidays, right? Skulls, spiderwebs, and Tim Burton characters everywhere. And this year, of course, we’re lucky enough that this holiday has brought the return of not one, but two of the world’s biggest, most important, and well-loved bands of the last twenty years. Two bands who, in their own ways, speak for a generation and stand up for what they believe in, no matter how much they may have been ridiculed in the past. Bands that may have split a long time ago but have come back together when we need them the most.

Welcome back Rage Against the Machine, and welcome (back) to the Black Parade, My Chemical Romance. We’re so pleased to be going into November with the excitement of the reformation both of these bands at the forefront of our minds.

Anyway, we’ve updated our playlist – give it a listen below, and read a few words on some of our picks from Team Punktastic.

suitor – ‘Deep Sleep’

Hailing from Georgia, suitor. are a newly formed alt band with a great deal of potential, best displayed on their lead single, ‘Deep Sleep’. If the see-saw of clean guitar riffs and fuzz in the intro alone isn’t enough to grab you, then vocalist Casey Smith’s warm, echoing tones certainly will. This is a zinger of a song that’ll follow you around like a shadow for days after listening to it. If you’re a fan of Moving Mountains, Movements, or early naughties post-hardcore, you’ll most likely be into this, so check ’em out.


Happyalone – ‘Colours’

The boys from Cork are back. While their new single ‘Lucifer’ has been certified by the Irish scene as a “Shtone cold banger”, Happyalone are still molding their particular blend of acidic triphop and ambient rock, as can be seen with their debut ‘Colours’. Elements of artists like Amon Tobin and DJ Shadow intertwine with soft rock perfromances that are reminiscent of of a Portishead piece. The trio themselves refuse to place themselves in any particular genre, which is just fine. They’re an incredible new talent regardless.


Lazybones – ‘Trash Talk’

When other members of the team tell you about a band you’ll like, purely because they’re from Brighton, you know you’ve got a problem. I don’t know if our Assistant Editor, Gem, listened to Lazybones before chucking them my way or went purely on their hometown but she’s absolutely nailed it. Fuzzy, infectious, and coarsing, there’s a snottiness to vocalist Candi Underwood’s delivery that somehow borders between obnoxious and delicate. I’m going to keep banging this drum – the scene in Brighton is thriving and with bands like Lazybones, Gender Roles, and Something Leather picking up traction, it’s only going to get better.


Twin Atlantic – ‘Novocaine’

It’s been over three years since Twin Atlantic have released new music, and despite an extensive tour upon the release of GLA in 2016, a number of festival appearances, and another lengthy tour last year, it’s been a painful drought for us Twin fans. Now they’re back, and while Twin Atlantic will never lose what makes them special, this new direction shows fearlessness, authenticity and ingenuity. Heavily synth driven, ‘Novocaine’ is catchy as hell, while also maintaining those hard-hitting lyrics and – of course – Sam McTrusty’s telltale Glaswegian accent. If you can go into this with an open mind, you’re sure to find the magic in this new sonic direction. I can’t wait to see what else is yet to come.


Stray From The Path – ‘The First Will Be Last’

Stray From The Path have returned with yet another barn-stormer of a record, ‘Internal Atomics’. The entire record is a tidal wave of aggression, but their latest single ‘The First Will Be Last’ acts as the perfect wave the ride into it. Colossal and muscular drums, bass tone and riffs to match and Drew York’s signature vocal bite all collide together in three minutes of groove-ridden metallic glory. Listen to this one LOUD.


Bad Religion- ‘You’

I don’t know if anyone noticed, but earlier this month, it was the thirtieth anniversary of Bad Religion’s ‘No Control’. Thirty years. I don’t know if that makes me feel old or young. What it does make me feel is grateful. Without ‘No Control’ and their 1988 album ‘Suffer’, there would be NOFX, no Offspring, no Funeral For A Friend. It’s fair to say, there might be no Punktastic. In classic Bad Religion fashion, ‘You’ is breakneck quick, with rousing melodies and a driving bassline. With Greg Graffin delivering the anti-love song message, it’s potent and powerful. It’s punk at its truest form.