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From Tuesday 20 November 2018

King Nun – ‘I Have Love’

There’s a certain sort of sound that permeates from specific record labels. From Fat Wreck, it’s that classic 90s skate punk sound. From Holy Roar, you’ve got a plethora of well-established hardcore bands. And while there may not be one specific genre from Dirty Hit – the home of

Thursday 15 November 2018

itoldyouiwouldeatyou – ‘Oh Dearism’

Emo. It’s a dirty word amongst music fans. A sound and style that’s largely dissipated over the years, some would say for the better. There’s always been a stigma around it, despite its huge popularity in the mid-late 00’s – a house party wasn’t a house party unless someone

Thursday 20 September 2018

Gender Roles Bare Their ‘Teeth’

At some point soon, the Editors of Punktastic are going to get suspicious that the bulk of my POVs are about Brighton based bands. I mean, I’m getting suspicious myself. And yet, absolutely naturally, I just gravitate towards them. It could be that I’m also from Brighton, but I’d

Friday 07 September 2018

Skegss – ‘My Own Mess’

It’s been a big year for Australian three-piece Skegss. A huge tour of the homeland earlier this year, the release of two well regarded singles as well as the release of their highly anticipated debut album, with a world tour (well, Australia and Europe) to come. Following on from their

Monday 03 September 2018

Gaffa Tape Sandy VS itoldyouiwouldeatyou

Tuesday 28 August 2018

Muncie Girls – ‘Fixed Ideals’

Inspiration comes from different places. For Exeter trio Muncie Girls, their inspiration comes from literature. Much like their debut album ‘From Caplin To Belsize’, they’ve taken the name of new album ‘Fixed Ideals’ from a Sylvia Plath quote. Whilst the lyrical content is an extension of their previous album, melding

Wednesday 22 August 2018

Don’t Leave Your Kids With Psychostick

Comedy and music. Two totally different mediums that are normally difficult to combine, which might be part of the reason Psychostick haven’t perhaps made it as big as they should in the UK. The Arizona natives, now based in Chicago, bring comedy in spades, melding it with some serious

Monday 06 August 2018

Static Fires – ‘Thirteen’

There seems to be a real punk resurgence coming out of Wales at the moment. The likes of Neck Deep and Dream State have reminded us that we don’t have to rely on the old guard of Skindred, Bullet For My Valentine and Funeral For A Friend – so

Monday 09 July 2018

Asylums – ‘Alien Human Emotions’

It’s generally acknowledged that music and society are closely intertwined. From Lou Reed and Warhol’s Factory to Dead Kennedy’s ‘Holiday In Cambodia’, they reflect the landscape around them. Given the somewhat tumultuous state the world is in, both politically and societally, perhaps this is what drove London four-piece Asylums

Tuesday 03 July 2018

Gaffa Tape Sandy Have An Important Message

It’s a year to the week that Gaffa Tape Sandy played Glastonbury and as a celebration of the anniversary, they’ve kindly gifted new single ‘Meat Head’. Played extensively at their recent shows, including a slot at The Great Escape in their adopted home of Brighton, it’s a stomping track