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From Friday 18 September 2020

DIG NITTY – ‘Reverse of Mastery’

There’s a whole heap of sounds we cover here at Punktastic. Ranging from hardcore metal to DIY indie punk, we try and keep you covered. One we don’t touch that often is lo-fi surf folk rock. But for Brooklyn four-piece Dig Nitty, that might be the best way to

Tuesday 08 September 2020

LIVE: IDLES @ Abbey Road, London

Look, we’re still in a weird place. Although we’re starting to see live shows back, they’re rightly keeping fans distant from each other. For most of us, the idea of socially distanced gigs, whilst being the correct course of action, would be difficult to tolerate. Without being able to

Friday 28 August 2020

Girls In Synthesis – ‘Now Here’s An Echo From Your Future’

London-based trio Girls In Synthesis don’t play by the rules. The experimental post-punk outfit may technically be DIY – creating their videos, artwork, and records themselves – but their music is anything but. Chunky, discordant and almost indescribable, it’s a mess of sounds that take inspiration from numerous genres,

Friday 21 August 2020

Kid Dad – ‘In A Box’

Hailing from Paderborn, Germany, Kid Dad are doing something different. While much mainstream German rock takes influence from industrial metal or post-hardcore electrorock, Kid Dad have built a sound around punchy riffs, leaning into grunge and garage punk. It’s a well known sound on these shores, and perhaps that’s

Monday 13 July 2020

Cool Thing Records Playlist

As well as being the frontman of successful alternative band Asylums, Luke Branch is also the founder of Cool Thing Records. Luke has curated a special playlist just for Punktastic showcasing some of the best artists Cool Thing has to offer and we give you a look at their

Friday 10 July 2020

Creature Creature – ‘Two Finger Tantrum’

It’s unusual for a folk-punk band to change their style and release one of the most interesting and dynamic albums we’ve heard this year. And yet, for 40 Shillings On The Drum, their debut album ‘Two Finger Tantrum’ is such a departure from their folk sound, they’ve rebranded themselves

Friday 03 July 2020

The Winter Passing – ‘New Ways Of Living’

Irish quintet The Winter Passing might be relatively unknown outside of their native island and, frankly, it’s a damn shame. They’re a band that have flown under the radar and deserve more plaudits than they’ve received. As the scene expands thanks to the likes of Fontaines DC, The Murder

Wednesday 01 July 2020

DITZ – ‘5 Songs’

While some bands explode onto a scene unprepared and unfamiliar with the new found appreciation they receive, others work tirelessly to hone their craft and build a pulsing reputation. Brighton five piece DITZ have perfected the latter, sharpening their sound and developing a status as one of Brighton’s most

Friday 15 May 2020

Punktastic Presents: Playlist – May ’20

We’re not going to mention it. We’re not going to say anything other than we hope you’re all keeping safe and healthy, and washing your hands thoroughly. Let’s move on. We’ve not published one of these for a while but it feels the right time to try to bring it

Saturday 25 April 2020