Shower Of Teeth – ‘Eternal Gut Rot’

By Andy Joice

With a name like Shower Of Teeth, the expectation is a terrifically dark deathcore band with plenty of songs detailing the macabre and haunting aspects of life and death. Likewise, ‘Eternal Gut Rot’, their latest album, evokes similar imagery, and that’s without pointing out the album cover – a man sitting on the edge of a bed, opening his shirt to let his innards fall vicariously to the floor. 

And yet, expectations are meant to be broken. The Geordie four-piece’s rapid self-proclaimed brand of “Riff And Roll” is both melodic and hectic, teetering on the cusp of implosion in a way that feels unerringly satisfying, like cold ice cream after taking a brick to the teeth – something this album is close to replicating.

Opening with ‘Greaser’, you’re immediately hit by a hardcore band performing at full capacity, with thick rhythms and vocals that melt from unclean to clean like butter on hot toast. Vocalists Andrew ‘Warby’ Warburton’s ability to bounce between the two effortlessly is a talent that’s utilised to full extent throughout the album, and while his clean vocals aren’t necessarily flawless, there’s a rugged edge that very much suits their visceral output. 

‘DMT’ and ‘Somebody’s Daughter’ are both riff heavy, leaning into a swash of distortion and breakneck drumming. They both boast melodies that’ll be difficult to shift from your brain, poisoning your thoughts to later crash into you when you’re least expecting it. ‘High Herps’ would fit deliciously in a ‘Songs For The Deaf’ era Queens Of The Stone Age setlist, with spacy angles and thick chunky rhythms that lead into another incessantly catchy chorus.

It can sometimes be a balancing act to ensure nothing is lost, however, having been recorded and mixed by Joe Clayton (who’s fingerprints are all over the currently thriving UK heavy music scene), everything feeling deliberate and balanced. It’s a testament to both Joe and the band themselves, and their respective work talks for itself (which I guess makes this review pointless?).

‘Long Live The New Flesh’ is Shower Of Teeth at their most expansive, creating a claustrophobic atmosphere that then releases the pressure at just the right moments. Likewise, closing track ‘Wizard Of Loneliness’ uses these tricks to similar effect, while being slightly more approachable, veering towards a harder rock that’s slower but more deliberate in its delivery. A meandering bassline, nestled amongst the frankly ridiculous drumfills, leaves such a distinctive taste in your mouth, it’s near impossible to not scroll back and listen to the last two minutes, before restarting the album as the whole. 

As sophomore albums go, it might be hyperbolic to suggest it’s perfect. There are of course a few jagged corners, however ‘Eternal Gut Rot’ is exceptionally tight, and builds upon the great foundation of their debut, ‘Oranjedoom’. For a band that formed mid-2019 to be creating such enthralling and decisive hard hitting tracks is ridiculous. And yet, Shower With Teeth are somehow meeting all expectations and then some. Get this bad boy up loud and descend into it. 


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