Punktastic Presents: Playlist – December ’19

By Andy Joice

2019 is coming to a close and what a year it’s been. It feels like only yesterday that we were packing up tents, gathering an extra pair of pants and cramming our bags full of beer in preparation for festival season. And now we’re stuffed into hoodies, beanies and scarves like a christmas turkey, only to overheat the second we walk into a venue, as if they weren’t warm enough. But it’s been a hell of a year. We’ve laughed, we’ve cried, we’ve sung and we’ve danced – although not necessarily in that order. On thing is for sure though, we’ve all enjoyed some incredible music.

So here it is for the last time this year, and indeed this decade – The Punktastic Playlist has been updated. Go check it out and read a few words on some of the musical selections from Team Punktastic.

Merry Christmas

Cory Wells – ‘Broken’

I’m a sucker for most things acoustic, so when I heard the beautiful voice of Cory Wells and the gut wrenching tones of Broken, I was hooked. I was lucky enough to see Cory support Dashboard last month and his passion and highly relatable songs are breath taking. This album is likely to be a staple of my emo diet for a long time to come.


Origami Angel – ‘Doctor Whomst’

A late entry in the album of the year race, Origami Angel’s stunning debut album ‘Somewhere City’ makes hard work for listeners trying to pick out a single standout song, given that every song is not only technically impressive, but is also catchy as hell. However, with a chorus starting with the line “I think i’m starting to like myself / I think I’m right where I need to be”, ‘Doctor Whomst’ is guaranteed to be a sure favourite with live audiences. With a trademark ‘Gami frantic guitar picking intro, the song builds into its ginormous chorus that you’ll struggle to get out of your head for weeks. Emo has never sounded so positive, nor fun.


Michael Cera Palin – ‘If It Makes You Happy’

There’s a lot of fantastic covers out there. I’ve got at least two covers playlists that are on regular rotation. But Michael Cera Palin’s cover of ‘If It Makes You Happy’ is up there as one of my favourite tracks of the last few years. I don’t know what it is about it – sure, the original was subtly pensive but still had an element of joviality to it. But this cover, good grief. Doubling down on the pensiveness and adding a thick dollop of angst, it hit’s you where you really feel – the emotions. While the original was about enjoying the little things in the moment, the delivery of Elliott Brabant’s vocals give it a new edge, as if looking back at the little things long after the moment has passed. It’s wonderfully emotive and gives it a melancholic and nostalgic feel that lasts for hours.


Great American Ghost – ‘Ann Arbor (Be Safe)’

You may not have heard of Great American Ghost before, but if you like your metalcore hard, venomous, and devastatingly heavy then they’re a name you should take note of. After their recent stint as part of the 2019 Never Say Die Tour, they’ve earned themselves a horde of new fans, wooing them all with their skull-crushing breakdowns and seething anger. ‘Ann Arbor (Be Safe)’ was their set closer, and for good reason. Listen to it and you’ll understand why – just make sure you’re sat down for the closing breakdown. One of my favourite heavy discoveries of the year.



My Chemical Romance – ‘Helena’

This may seem like an odd pick for me, the lad that always picks the heaviest tracks for the playlist month after month. Yeah, I like my music as heavy and aggressive as possible, but I have a softer side. I spent a large chunk of my formative years as an emo kid, and I was a loyal and borderline obsessive fan of My Chemical Romance. I still have a soft spot for the band and for that record in particular, and their recent news of reformation has awoken that emo kid within me, and he’s subconsiously trying his hardest to make my fringe grow back. This is my favouite track off my favourite of their records. PLEASE ANNOUNCE A UK SHOW!