Postcards From Slam Dunk: Zebrahead

Postcards From Slam Dunk: Zebrahead

By Penny Bennett

Jan 26, 2018 10:00

Slam Dunk Festival, is back for its 12th year this May. We for one, can't wait

In the run up to the festival we are presenting ‘Postcards From Slam Dunk’, a series of quick fire Q+A’s with some of the bands set to appear at the event.

First up we have an exclusive chat with Ben Osmundson from Zebrahead.

How does it feel returning to Slam Dunk this year?

Pretty amazing to be honest. This is our 5th year in a row and we have been super shocked to keep getting the invitation each year. It is one big party and we kinda just fit in the party atmosphere?

What do you enjoy most about playing festivals?

There is nothing better than the crazy energy a large crowd gives off. And it is pretty fun to stage hop at Slam Dunk watching bands. The stages are usually pretty close and easy to navigate so we get a chance to see bands. When we are on tour you see the same bands everyday for months… at a festival we can see a bunch of bands in a day with beer. Win win.

What are your favourite festival memories, either playing or attending?

My first festival was Warped Tour.  It was so hot I felt like I was melting. Yes I am being a bit dramatic, but the UK has great festival weather. I would rather wear a jacket than sweat!

How do you tailor your set for a festival compared to a regular show?

Basically the only difference is that it is shorter. Songs we play are all in the regular show. One thing is we try to talk a little less? We can get a bit long winded in between songs… and try to cut that down a bit at festivals…. more rock less talk.

Which bands are you hoping to catch over the weekend?

I am a big Jimmy Eat World fan. They are that band that if you don’t think you know the songs… you will. By the end of the show even the casual fan is surprised they know almost every song. And I am a sucker for a sing along.

How’s the new album coming along – is there any idea of a release date yet?

We are getting there. Slowly but surely… But we are honestly hoping for a late summer/early fall release. It is called “Happily Never After”…. we have had our share of divorces the past few years and it has motivated us in different ways. Excited to finally have these songs see the light of day because some have been finished recording for months.

Slam Dunk Festival takes place across the May Bank Holiday weekend at the dates and venues below. Tickets are on sale now from the official Slam Dunk website.

26 LEEDS City Centre