Mood Board : The Deadnotes

Mood Board : The Deadnotes

By Penny Bennett

Mar 28, 2019 14:20

We talk to The Deadnotes about some of the creative talent that inspires them

Haruki Murakami Books: (Yannic)

I love the style of Murakami’s books and I’ve read many of them on tour. Basically all his novels are about the same kind of person I can somehow relate to. The stories always have weird, surreal components that really touch me. I’m especially a huge fan of how Murakami manages to always end his stories in a really magical kind of way. I hope people will have the same intense feeling after listening to our new record as I have after reading the last page of an Haruki Murakami book.

La Dispute – Wildlife: (Yannic)

This record is one my favourite records of all time. It‘s not the easiest material and I definitely need to be in the right mood, but when that‘s the case and I put this record on I always listen to it from the first to the the very last note. The songwriting is amazing. There isn’t a single chorus on the whole record but it’s still super catchy. I’m amazed by the lyrics and how the music puts them into place. I’m get angry, sad, courageous, impressed and inspired by this masterpiece. This is what music should be about!

Kendrick Lamar – Damn. (Jakob)

For me this is one of the best and most important albums ever written. I think the lyrics on this record are very emotional and depressive in many ways but also manage to be so political at the same time and this is really what I love about Kendrick Lamar! He is basically telling stories in his songs but there is a strong and important message behind it. Also the style of the music, the beats and all the samples on Damn. are so on point and simply amazing. It’s genius.

Wes Anderson – Moonrise Kingdom (Jakob)

I love every film Wes Anderson has done so far. He is a master in creating weird but beautiful worlds and characters in his films. The story in Moonrise Kingdom is actually so simple but the main characters are so interesting and so charismatic and this is what makes this film so beautiful I guess. I also love the choice of colours and the style of the costumes in all Wes Anderson films! Watching these films really makes me wanna dive into them and allow me to escape sometimes.

Jimmy Eat World – Bleed American (Darius)

I have a really weird relationship to Jimmy Eat World. I saw them live 8 years ago when I attended my first bigger festival, the Southside festival in Southern Germany. I didn‘t know a single Jimmy Eat World song back then and thought their show super lame and didn‘t give the band a second chance for years. When we released our debut album „I‘ll kiss all fears out of your face“ in 2016 we were compared to the band quite often and a lot of reviewers made out a strong Jimmy Eat World influence in our music. I don‘t know why but today I‘m the biggest Jimmy Eat World nerd and I think Bleed American is one of he greatest records ever written. I am a real sucker for their characteristic acoustic guitars, synth layers, tambourine and double time shakers they use in their songs. We added a lot of these to our new recordings, so now you critics will be on point by comparing us.

The Deadnotes new single ‘MakeUp’ is out now