Mood Board : Liily

Mood Board : Liily

By Penny Bennett

Apr 8, 2019 14:16

We talk to Liily vocalist Dylan Nash about some of the things that inspired their debut EP 'I Can Fool Anybody In This Town'

Charles Bukowski

Bukowski had given us the name for our EP. The worst part of the process for us has always been naming stuff, because nothing is good enough or funny enough or too serious. It’s hard to take naming our work seriously since we think song names are typically too summarising of what the song or collection actually is. If we had the choice to let people call it what they want, we would just do that. It’s all up to who’s listening and how they want to think of it.

Betty Boop

Before we put anything out, music wise, we had lots of ideas for short films, skits, and had a particular curiosity about cartooning. With the correlating animals that we all have, we thought it could be a really great idea to start little animated episodes featuring those animals (Cow, Wolf, Giraffe, Elephant, and The Goat). Betty Boop is a perfect cartoon that had some artistic integrity that isn’t seen as often in today’s animating. Hopefully one day we’ll be able to afford to make a couple episodes.

The Big Lez Show

We were watching The Big Lez Show a lot at the time. As much as it was just a joke to all of us that we would reference, we admired the DIY start to Jarrad Wright’s cartoon.

Foals – XXXXX

One of the earliest videos we were into as a band was Foals playing their song “The French Open” at Glastonbury, they started it by playing an intro called “XXXXX” that we thought was really cool and even covered it at our first show.

Twilight Zone

The twilight zone has been sort of a catalyst for a lot of the videos that we post, the black and white visuals and crazy plot twists helped create a creepy undertone that we always thought was very interesting.

Liily’s debut EP “I Can Fool Anybody In This Town” is out now

Liily appear at The Great Escape on May 10th