Mood Board : Harbinger

Mood Board : Harbinger

By Penny Bennett

May 17, 2019 13:43

We talk about the range of moral and philosophical issues that are covered in Harbingers new album ‘Compelled to Suffer’, released on May 17th. "This is not an exhaustive list and you’ll have to check out the album to hear the breadth of what we are trying to discuss."


Is it fair to breed life into suffering? Are humans poisonous to society? Is breeding causing more harm to the world than good?

The idea of antinatalism essentially regards birth as a fundamentally detrimental phenomenon. It ponders the moral and ethical implications of bringing life to the world.  In antinatalism, if you create someone, you’re responsible for all the pain they suffer. To bring someone into a world with any kind of pain would be detrimental to them, and therefore, it is not morally just to have children.

On our album ‘Compelled to Suffer’ we discuss the idea of overpopulation poisoning the earth, and humankind being the end of humankind.

So-Called” Alternative Medicine (SCAM)

I first came across this topic whilst reading ‘Bad Science’ by Ben Goldacre.

“If a therapy does not work, it cannot be an alternative to medicine. If a therapy does work, it does not belong to alternative medicine, but to medicine.”

That is to say, if you have an illness, and if you are cured by an intervention, this isn’t alternative medicine but straight up medicine. Therefore if an alternative medicine intervention does not cure an illness, it is nothing but a procedure or medicine that you have paid for, with no actual effect.

Not only is this morally questionable, but big pharmaceutical companies have capitalised on this and communicated that into the public zeitgeist for profit. We have a track called ‘Healer/Deceiver’ on the new album which addresses this very subject.

Sustained his life, with sacrifice of thousands of souls

He hangs his head, remembers the dead

No shame for self gain

Charities Paying Huge Salaries

When you donate to a charity, do you imagine that your donation will line the pockets of the charity’s directors and senior managers? Is it morally justified to personally profit from charitable causes?

Our track ‘Covetous Hearts’ addresses this issue:

The top dogs, best known for their facade

Millions in their pocket, and own expensive cars

You donate your hard earned money

You are deceived, you pay their wages