GUEST PLAYLIST: As Everything Unfolds

By Penny Bennett

Melodic post-hardcore sextet As Everything Unfolds released their stunning debut album ‘Within Each Lies The Other’ recently. We spoke to Charlie and Adam about the tracks that influenced them.

Bryan Adams – ‘Can’t Stop This Thing We Started’

Arguably the greatest song of all time. My [Adam’s] dad is a massive Bryan Adams fan and after growing up hearing every banger he ever made, I’ve become a massive fan too. This song is probably more of an under-the-hood influence to the As Everything Unfolds sound but the way the song is so tasteful with every section, with all the instruments singing in harmony is something I strive for every track.

Periphery – ‘Icarus Lives’

It’s no secret we love Periphery, but I think ‘Icarus Lives’’ groove really shines its influence on us front and centre. The way the riff is bouncy yet nasty, playful whilst snarly – it’s everything a great As Everything Unfolds riff wishes it could be.

Pale Waves – ‘Easy’

This is actually a song we all fell in love with post-recording the album; so whilst we can’t attribute its genius to part of our sound, we’re absolutely in love with the quality of the song writing. It checks every single box for being a stone-cold banger, then on top of that Heather’s amazing voice delivers the best chorus we’ve heard for a while.

Intervals – ‘Epiphany’

I’m a massive Intervals fan. Aaron Marshall is a huge influence for me as a guitarist and this track always gives me chills. The opening solo is so honest and clean, I’ve spent forever playing it, but I feel like I’ll never capture the magic of the original performance. This song for me is everything I could ever hope to accomplish as a guitarist, to play eternally tastefully and honest, expressing the song as it needs to be without ever needing to resort to trashy flashy boring shred.

DevilDriver – ‘Clouds Over California’

Clouds Over California will always hold a special place in my heart; it was the first song I ever learned (or at least attempted to). It’s aggressive, beautiful and it knows exactly how to build itself up and get you hyped for every section. The variation in the riffs compliment each other so nicely and the half time hits exactly as you want it to; definitely something that we’re huge fans of, and use when we feel the time is right.

 My Chemical Romance – ‘Helena’

My Chem have been a constant inspiration for me [Charlie] since 2005 when I first heard them at 10 years old. They’ve been my favourite band through the years and their album Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge, which this song is on, has been a great influence to me during our debut album process, including inspiration for certain visual aspects.

Avril Lavigne – ‘Complicated’

One of the first female artists I got into was Avril when I was about 8/9, she had so much attitude and I loved it. I grew up around boys and I really related to her tomboy image and rebellious streak, this song has so much nostalgia for me and I have a huge amount to thank this song and whole album for!

Rolo Tomassi – ‘Party Wounds’

This was probably one of the first bands I heard with a female screaming majority of the song. I was shown Rolo by an old bandmate of mine back in 2010/2011 and I have followed them ever since. Eva has always been such a strong vocalist and Rolo are just such a fun and creative band. If I had never heard this song maybe I’d have never given screaming a go? I was feeling angsty and wanted to prove everyone I could do something unique and different at the time (being at that age) and it pushed me into trying it.

System Of A Down – ‘Chop Suey’

I can’t explain to you why, but I love this song to the ends of the earth. I think when I first heard it, it was so creative and unlike anything I listened to at the time, but Serj’s vocals were incredible and every time this song comes up on my playlists, I cannot skip it, it’s like a personal rule of mine. 

Slipknot – ‘Duality’

I think most people will agree with me, Slipknot are just one of those bands you can’t not be inspired by growing up as a musician in the last 20 years. They’ve been around for as long as I remember and have always been a staple in my life. This song though especially falls into that category of ‘cannot skip if it comes on a playlist’.