Exclusive stream of Mixtape Saints retrospective ‘Everything We Used To Be’

By Penny Bennett

Entitled “Everything We Used To Be” is a retrospective of the music of Mixtape Saints containing all music released so far – the band’s debut EP Heavy Water (2013), Acoustic EP Bright Lights/Burned Out (2016) and digital single Heartbreak, Radio, Cars and Rain (2017) as well as an exclusive unreleased single “Reckless“.

Released on 20 April via Real Ghost Records both digitally (via all major outlets) and on cassette; pre order available here

‘We’re really proud of all the music we’ve made so far, and I guess we wanted to take an opportunity to look at it properly at this point so we don’t forget what we’ve done! We’re lucky enough to have friends who are way smarter and much more organised then us, so when Real Ghost Records offered
to put it out on cassette we were super stoked!’

‘Reckless is a song we’ve been sitting on for a while. It’s basically about relationships and mental health. If you’re in a relationship and you both struggle, it can be really easy to let stuff get in the way or come between you and get in the way “Its Ok Not To Be Ok”, and being honest about struggling with stuff is so important to mental health and self-care. Be kind to yourself, and to everyone else!’

Check out our exclusive stream below