Exclusive Premiere of KOU’s New Video ‘BURN’

By Penny Bennett

Introducing KOU, the new project from Jon Wilkes, former drummer of The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus who have given us an exclusive premiere of their new single and video for ‘BURN’ releasing on May 22.

Wilkes started KOU in the back of the tour bus in 2009 and their first single ‘Time Is The Enemy’ was released in July 2018.

KOU Stands for “Kingdom Of Us” and The idea of running a (KOU)coup in defense of our livelihood as humans and anything that holds us back. It’s about following your dreams no matter the cost”-KOU

Check out the video for new single ‘BURN” below.

“BURN is about how as humans we have let hatred and the media consume us for decades and its time for a transformation.”-KOU

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