Exclusive Premiere of Hell’s Ditch New Video ‘Hope Is Hope’

By Penny Bennett

UK Rock group Hell’s Ditch have given us an exclusive look at the new video for single ‘Hope Is Hope’.

Born and raised in the cities of Liverpool, Lincoln and Wolverhampton, Hell’s Ditch are a band with total heart and determination compounded by DIY punk ethics and a hardy knack for storytelling. Weaving together high-energy, riff-driven indie punk songs telling tales of working-class fates, inner-city poverty, alienation, violence, oppression and unflinching resistance.

Earning their stripes in the underground touring circuit, the members of Hell’s Ditch met while touring in previous bands well known in the UK and European punk scene including River Jumpers, Bad Ideas, Dearist, Maycomb, Chief and Knock Out Kaine.

‘Hope Is Hope’ was recorded October 2019 with Sam Cook Producer (Ducking Punches, Harker, The Capital) and mastered by Mass Giorgini (Rise Against, Anti-Flag, Alkaline Trio) and is available to stream now through all good digital service providers as well as on 7″ vinyl through Disconnect Disconnect (UK), Rose Coloured Records (UK) & Bypolar Records (USA). To find out more visit the band’s official site: hellsditch.co.uk.

Check out the video for ‘Hope Is Hope’ below.