What’s colder than cold? Ice Cold Slush!

“Everyone loves a messy ending!” Well, London trio Ice Cold Slush certainly do. The band have just released their debut album ‘Live at Moth Club, London’ via US based punk label Burger Records. ICS play lo-fi, indie-punk with guitars so fuzzy that they wouldn’t sound out of place on a Sub Pop record from the 90s.

Ice Cold Slush’s performance isn’t a far cry from the golden era of British punk in the 70s. With two front women tending to double up their vocals, there’s something slightly sinister about their youthful voices layered over the fuzz-submerged instrumental tracks. Think X-Ray Spex fronted by the twins from The Shining.

Taking the simplistic approach of ‘less is more’, ICS generate catchy vocal hooks and guitar riffs one after the other with an almost careless abandon. So don’t be a ‘Boring Bonehead’, put on your ‘Chucky Boots’ and let Ice Cold Slush give you ‘Brainfreeze’.