Anti-socialers The Nika Riots are turning up the heat

Citing their main influences as Every time I Die, Dillinger Escape Plan and Rise Against it was impossible to resist giving The Nika Riots a spin. The Norwegian hardcore band state that “rather than bringing anything new to the table”, they’re instead “trying to smash it to bits”.

Their blend of hardcore is laden with heavy riffs, reminiscent of ‘Orchestra Of Wolves’ era Gallows but in no way a direct clone. Perhaps more of a descendent or distant relative if you will. Although The Nika Riots have just released their debut EP ‘Set Fire’ via Negative Vibe Records the band themselves are no ‘newcomers’ Featuring members of Man the Machetes, Torch and ieatheartattacks, The Nika Riots are already establishing themselves on the Norwegian hardcore/metal scene and surely before long they’ll be conquering the rest of the continent.