exhalants’ unrelenting intensity will melt your brain

Rarely have I ever heard a debut LP as strong and unrelenting as the self-titled LP from Austin, Texas’ exhalants. The band is a throwback to the post-hardcore nineties, with aggressive angular riffs and powerful hard-hitting songs. They’re in the vein of greats like Unsane, The Jesus Lizard, Quicksand, Refused, Hot Snakes, and Circus Lupus. Add in some extreme heaviness like The Melvins. Then include some quieter reflective parts, like Slint or Rodan.

It’s so difficult with this band to boil things down to just one song, so I’m calling attention to the first four tracks, some of the most amazing music I’ve listened to in a while. Right from the start, exhalants hit hard and don’t let up and ‘Latex,’ ‘Cauterized,’ and ‘Ego Death’, pound you into submission! ‘Public Display of Failure’ quiets things down with some gorgeous guitar harmonics, yet the intensity still doesn’t let up. Then let the rest of the album play out, as the exhalants melt your brain.

Photo by Gerard Cosloy