The Penske File want us to live while we can

After a three year wait, Toronto’s The Penske File are back with a new LP, ‘Salvation.’ Right from the start the album hits hard with the jangly anthem to living in the moment, ‘Kamikaze Kids.’ “So let’s live while we can / And we’ll die when we do,” declares the chorus. The track is a departure from The Penske File’s usual style and is probably the poppiest song they’ve ever written. It’s loaded with great hooks and tons of positive energy.  ‘Kamikaze Kids’ also reminds us that happiness doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. “So let me dance like the fly, around the porch light / The 40-watt thrill, it is ours tonight.” Happiness is something that we create from within. This track is the perfect way to open this killer album, and is sure to end up as one of my favourite songs of the year.