This month Dave Satterwhite talks to Minneapolis punks Braver and things get a little bit weird. Braver have released the vinyl ‘Torpor’ today and play a show in Minneapolis tonight with Two Houses and more. You can find more details on that here.


And our INTRO SONG: You’re So Vain PT II – The Dopamines (buy it here)


Dave Satterwhite and Maryam Hassan host the 12th episode of the Punktastic POV Podcast, with new music and discussion about issues in the music scene. Episode Twelve features tracks from JANK, Doe, Kamikaze Girls, Braver, Yeesh and Baby Grand. They also give some very honest opinions on the new Blink 182 album, getting into deep dives with bands and genres and what crackers pair best with what music. Dave also throws hummus across the room.

Bands Featured This Month:


And our INTRO SONG: You’re So Vain PT II – The Dopamines (buy it here)


Rob Barbour hosts the tenth episode of the Punktastic POV Podcast, a special episode focussing on independent record labels (with a not-insignificant tangent discussing Funeral For A Friend’s recent farewell shows).

Rob is joined by Punktastic writer Ollie Connors as they both choose three indie labels (sort of…), explore what’s kept them in business, and play a song from each one.

Bands Featured This Month:

We Never Learned To Live (Holy Roar)
Crooks (Equal Vision)
Cult Leader (Deathwish Inc)
Knuckle Puck (Rise Records)
Guilt (N/A)
Milk Teeth (Hopeless Records)

And our INTRO SONG: You’re So Vain PT II – The Dopamines

In this special edition of the Punktastic Podcast Maryam Hassan talks to Dave Satterwhite, drummer of Chicago punk bands Two Houses. What started off as a discussion about mental health turned into them talking candidly about going sober in the punk scene (Dave is currently four months sober) and the challenges you face when doing it.

If you are affected by any issues discussed in the podcast and need to talk to someone or need advice the following sites can help:


Check out Two Houses here:

As ever, our intro song is: You’re So Vain PT II – The Dopamine. Buy it here:

As the seasons switch over so do music choices. Those looking for high energy punk rock, with some bounce to it to skip along in the sunshine, need look no further than Brighton’s The New Tusk. Slamming drum beats, excellent bass-lines and some great gruff punk vocals are all mashed together to make one perfect slice of punk rock to soundtrack the warmer days. There are even some 16th notes on the drums that are destined to make listeners lose their minds.

Big Night In are a Chicago band formed from the ashes of Whipped. ‘Perfect Storm’ deals with all the crap that gets thrown your way as you get older, from shitty jobs, to relationships to having one too many beers. It’s heavy, riffy punk rock and roll. It’s dead good.

I think Rob and I discussed the fact the 90’s is cool again in the podcast last month, this fuzzy, grungey, garage punk has come back into fashion (sorry I realise I sound like a wanker) and Post Child are doing it really well. There’s a Weezer-y, Nada Surf sort of vibe to this track ‘Fake Sex’ that I am really digging. It’s like I almost feel like I’m an extra on Clueless again, this is not a bad thing.

Post Child are playing tomorrow at Double Door in Chicago with Radkey and Texas Chainstore Manager. Details are here!

‘Warm Hearts, Cold Hands’ was up there in my top albums of 2013. Heartfelt, emotional and with lyrics you can put all your feelings into as you sing along. So you can imagine how stoked I was to hear the new EP from Save Ends, out on the very brilliant Black Numbers. The dual male/female vocals are perfection, I think Christine’s vocals are some of my favs right now if I’m honest. The EP is full of full on drums, great melodies and delivers the same punch in the gut as the album did. If you like good emo-y punk rock this will be right up your street.

I moved apartment in Chicago and my roommate very often blasts out music that makes me go “What is that? Why don’t I know that? Where can I get that in my life?” and this is how I came across Will Pratt, who isn’t new exactly but is new to me. I have a bit of a weakness for really good acoustic artists singing about their emotions, and Will is exactly that. ‘Teeth’ the third track on the embedded EP is just wonderful, go put it on, feel some feels and chill the hell out.